Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!


Well, that was weird. My updated post did not finish updating?? Ok, Well, here I go again! Let’s see if it saves.

Watch Party - This Thursday 1 pm Eastern Time Zone.

As they used to say… Waaaay back in the dinosaur days… :t_rex: when I was a kid… Be there or be square. :laughing:


Not a bad idea :bulb::white_check_mark:
I can do this anytime on Tuesdays and, or Wednesdays. If you all decide on a different day, it will depend on the time slot :wink::+1:t5:


I could potentially partake in a watch party for this. My schedule is pretty flexible.


I think the time zones might be a bit problematic :smiley:


I’m watching it now I am on episode 7. I can’t do Tuesday - Maybe Wed not sure I’m helping a friend who is having surgery but I would love to do a watch party with all of us sometime! We just need to figure out time zones!


This will let me experience something I’d otherwise not pick to watch, based on the title alone :smile: Yea, I’m adventurous!


It’s so cute and the ML is GORGEOUS - I can forgive anything - all the cheesy - forgiven when he comes on screen - but actually I think it is really cute


I finished it already. :sunglasses: No spoilers here. I hear that some people hated the ending but it was a different type of ending. Not what you’d expect. So don’t watch the end then if you are fearful. :grin: The beginning was so CUTE!.

I’ll scare up an online schedule so people can plug in their likely days and times. Not sure where to get such a thing but I know they exist…


Am I going to be OK with the ending??? I hope so!


Well… :sunglasses: It was a different kind of ending is all I will say.

SPOILER: They get together at the end of a difficult fight with the bad guys. But not in the way you’d expect or want? It needs a season 2 which will never happen. angellight would hate the ending. :wink:


I want to join. I will be free this week and the next. Can’t do Tuesdays, though.

I can finally take a break after 12 straight weeks of Chemistry, physics, and statistics. So I am going to binge-watch some dramas and work on more ASC (finally)


That must have been tough! I totally feel you, I’m a student myself! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d also like to join… I follow the Indian Standard Time(IST) and I don’t really have a set time for drama-watching, but most mornings/afternoons(except Sundays) are fine with me. I think the most idea time for me is Saturday afternoon.

I don’t know where you could find this, but a Google Sheet might work… but everyone will have to convert their times to PST or GMT


I won’t read the spoiler I just hope after watching his handsome self that I’m not like - disappointed that I watched the show because of the ending… every time he comes on screen I’m like awwwww he’s so handsome!


There you are! Glad to see you get a break from school! I hope everything went well. :sunglasses:

We are trying to figure out which day to have the Watch Party.

EP 1 & 2 are released to other languages. They are 30 minutes each so I think maybe 4 episodes would be good for a watch party.

The lyrics haven’t been plugged into EP 3 & 4 yet The A & C is done but not English editing yet. I’ve been plugging in the recaps and previews today. I’m up to EP 12 so far.

I’ll look at 3 & 4 to see if I can plug in the lyrics.

So everyone. Do we prefer a weekday or a weekend?


This week I’m probably more a weekend - I promised to help a friend quite a bit this week


Ok. It looks like Saturday is good. Now. What time is best? We have viewers from India and the US and??? where else? I don’t know where everyone is located.

What times can you NOT do? and could you convert that to one of the US time zones? Thank you.


I’d love to join, but I’m not sure if I can :stuck_out_tongue: So I’ll see when you guys hold it and if I can make it :slight_smile:


Since we are an international group, we are trying to see what times people are available. The majority time gets the watch party win. So where are you and what times are good? :grin:


I’m from Belgium :slight_smile: If we’re talking Saturday, then I can’t during the afternoon (US time)


I’m East Coast Time in the US. So on Sat anywhere from 11 am to whenever is ok with me! I can always pop in and out on my laptop.