Watch Party Spreadsheet

It is starting to drive me CRAZY trying to find info about which watch party we want to see and which date and time it is active! We have different ones running almost every day. I Wanted a calendar but this spreadsheet has more info and space than a calendar so it will have to do.

  • Please post active watch Parties at the top and move them to the bottom when they are finished.
  • Please add your Watch Party candidates to this list.
  • Go to this list to see the scheduled dates and times for the Watch Party AND to find the Watch Party link (Which usually is not posted until near to the watch party’s showtime.)
  • If you want to run your own Watch Party, please do! Share the info so others can join!

(I fixed the permissions so you can actually write stuff now! OOPS)

The spreadsheet link it here:


Just a reminder, over in the threads called The Viki Original You haven’t Seen Yet The Badger Productions Company is still awaiting your creative contribution to the drama we are writing called KSKA. Spare us your talents, your names will appear in the credits.

. . .and bring a fan along too :wink: :blush: :+1:t5:

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If I have time I’ll go play. It takes time to author stuff. I am very busy and have many segging jobs right now. :smiley: (Plus watch parties! in the evenings. :smiley: )