Watching "Love is Science" NEW! What are some of YOUR Favorite Taiwanese Dramas?


I just called to make an appointment for you. Monday, 3.30 p.m. Is that a convenient time for you? :wink:


Oh Yes! Heaven if it were only TRUE!


I actually have my appointment to color my hair purple, blue and silver again - ON MONDAY but he is not my hairdresser! I had a HOT hairdresser once - he was so gorgeous but unfortunately as much as I loved him he had a boyfriend…I used to tease him all the time! But I loved going to see him.


See? It’s fate.:stuck_out_tongue:

Your regular hairdresser is on vacation. He did a house swap with a Taiwanese hairdresser. :sunglasses:

Some guys have all the luck … :joy:
So why did you stop going there? :thinking:


That is so HILARIOUS!!! I WISH I WISH I WISH that neck rub and massage was to die for….

I moved


Is your old hairdresser not worth traveling for? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, when you walked in and he was wearing tight leather pants -----yes totally


Then go back! :rofl:


Oh Viki finally got this one! I almost finished it now I can.