Watching "Love is Science" NEW! What are some of YOUR Favorite Taiwanese Dramas?



I just started watching _


The ML is so CUTE and FL is so Pretty! Cinematography! and Music I like

Oh my gosh the way this guy looks at her…:droplet:MELT
Totally liking this drama after the 1st Eps

It’s All About the Kiss! Click Link
Added to this collection and She Falls First


Great choices! :slight_smile:

Hmm … there’s a lot of Taiwanese shows I love so I’ll get back to you. :wink:


Are you coming back??? hahahahahahaha!snoopy


Lol! Yes! Just a little bit of patience … Sorry, have been a bit busy, but I will definately come back! :wink:


Just teasing you!


I know.

But I’m glad to see that you miss me. :stuck_out_tongue:




Man oh Man oh Man there was a scene in “Love is Science” Eps 2
Where he WASHED her hair! That was like super SEXY!


Favorite Taiwan Dramas:
Black & White
Someday Or One Day
Before We Get Married
Autumn’s Concerto
Office Girls
Just You
Hello Again!
Drunken To Love You
The Masked Lover


Time zone issues :smile: people be 'sleep! :sleeping::zzz: :smile:


I was just thinking that!!! RIGHT! Happy EASTER! Everyone!


It’s been a long time since I liked a TW drama. I only have old ones:

  • Meteor Garden
  • Mars
  • It Started with a Kiss


Did you watch Lost Romance? Bromance
This new “Love is Science” I think is really good


Yes, I watched Lost Romance and Bromance.
Love is Science, not yet. Too many dramas, too little time.


My watch list tells the tale, all the shows I want to watch, sigh!


These two are on my LIST


All seasons of HIStory

And of course I’m now also watching Love is Science. :slight_smile:


Thank you! You came BACK! Tell me what you think of Love Is Science! I love the hair washing scenes like Cutie wash my hair like that.


Yes, I didn’t forget you. :wink:
Indeed, I never thought washing hair could be so full of passion. I definately like what I’ve seen so far. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


**Me Next Please**Cutie Hairdresser