Watchlist access in android TV/Amazon fire TV app

I posted an idea yesterday in the viki ideas board to get watchlist support added to the android TV/Amazon fire TV apps. If you agree please give the idea an up vote . It can be found at the following link

Watchlist support for large screen devices

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It doesn’t have a watchlist? What about your history? Does it keep track of watched dramas?

PS: Voted!


Hi @adrianmorales

The android TV and fire TV apps don’t give you the ability to access your watch list like you can on phone, tablet or PC.

The apps only has a ‘continue watching’ section on the app homepage, which allows you to pick up from where you left off four shows/movies that you have been watching. So yes it does track your watch history , but because there is no watchlist function. This makes the process of finding shows that you’re planning to watch more of the long winded exercise than it needs to be.

Viki could do something similar to what they do with the website’s homepage whereby watchlist access would be on the apps homepage

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Just to let everyone know

Watchlist access is now available in the android TV/fire TV apps. However, it’s a little bit buggy at the moment. If you have a large watchlist, you won’t see your entire list. I’m assuming this will be fixed over time. Currently your only see the first 15 or so items in your list

To add new items to your watchlist or to remove items. You’ll still need to use the website or use the phone/tablet apps, though