We need to clean UP all the discussion section

This message was written 32 minutes ago on December 27/2017 on a page were the discussion started back in 2013. I suggest we delete all this olddddddd discussion message and keep them from at least 6 months. Most of the people from 2013 don’t even have an active account here. Can that be done? Thank you for the attention.

PS. This person can be of great help for Korean/English subtitles. We need to have a shorter list of new future volunteers.

I speak fluent English and Korean. Am open to new projects.

Don’t you automatically see only the latest messages? I do.

No, I usually have to scroll down all the way to see the latest message. I wonder what I’m doing wrong…

You can also click on “2 hours ago” or whatever the timing of the last message is. It will immediately take you to that.

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hahaha I didn’t think about that. Thanks!

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