We want more K-dramas with Cha Eunwoo!💙


How did every one like True Beauty? When I first watched this show that’s when Cha Eunwoo became my favorite Korean actor. I know everyone wants more K-dramas with Cha Eunwoo, I love to see more love story dramas with him. What do yo think? Don’t forget to leave a comment!:blush::purple_heart:


I think he should take a three-year hiatus and go to an acting school, then come back to do more dramas.
(Of course he’s not the only one of which I think this should be necessary)


An acting school! He doesn’t need a acting school he’s already good at acting look at the show true beauty his acting was so realistic. Come on, Geez!:unamused::roll_eyes:


Okay, you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine, no need to “geez” me.


In the Korean industry, some actors learn their job by doing, especially the idols. I didn’t like Cha Eun Woo in Gangnam Beauty, he was stiff. But his acting has improved a lot in True Beauty.
I could see that he was more comfortable with acting.


A little, yes, but not enough. He was endearing in Rookie Historian, but that’s because his character was supposed to be sweet and jolly, more in tune with his real self, instead of having to act the cold, impassible guy as in Gangnam Beauty. Often rookie actors mistake cold-impassible with stiff and expressionless. Surely it’s much more difficult to play someone who appears cold to everyone around him but is inwardly boiling with stuff. It’s second level acting, for more experienced interpreters, because it needs very fine nuances, glimpses of what’s going on inside.


I agree. Too often, actors interpret cold personaliies as stiff and expressionless. I find the tsundere character so fascinating because it takes REALLY good actors to “sell” the character to the audience - make the character realistic. They can’t use dialogue as a tool to express these personalities at all, so they have to rely on microexpressions and tiny actions/body language to convince the audience. A good example is Mischeivous Kiss and its many remakes - that ML is the king of cold tsunderes and it was interesting to see how different actors chose to portray him. Viewers have an almost unanimous opinion when it comes to them - Joe Cheng(TW remake) gave it his all with one of the best tsundere performances i have ever seen. And it was largely due to his array of microexpressions and controlled body language.

Being an idol actor comes with a lot of pressure - you have your own fanbase and character as an artist, so people automatically expect you to be an amazing actor. You’re pushed into the spotlight right from your debut drama and will be subject to much scrutiny.
I think one important factor is the ability to choose the right characters to build confidence. Sometimes they rely too much on their faces, instead of the actual quality of ther acting. I always thought Park Jinyoung was a wonderful actor. He also chose roles that suited him as he started out. Lee Junho is another idol-actor gaining a lot of attention these days. Yoona from Girl’s Generation didn’t receive much praise for her character in The K2, and I also thought the role itself was pretty weird. I’m excited to see how much she’s grown and how well her roles will suit her in her upcoming dramas with Junho and Lee Jong Suk. Junho is also set to play a tsundere CEO soon, and I’d love to see how that goes. I hope Cha Eun Woo will also be able to be the best he can be. No one is too good for acting school, or any sort of training. Some veteran kpop idols and iconic main vocals still take vocal training classes to strengthen their already strong vocals. There’s nothig wrong with that.


Well said. And it’s also important to take the time to start from small roles and then secondary characters and build up from there. It’s no coincidence that those who were child actors or started very young from minimal roles, slowly became so good. Think of Lee Jong Suk (who started at 15, and in Prosecutor Princess maybe you wouldn’t recognize him if I didn’t tell you who he is), or Yoo Seung-Ho: how much experience did he accumulate over the years before landing his first romantic male lead role in Operation Proposal? THIRTEEN YEARS. I expect the same from Na Da Reum. If you see the list of his works so far, you’ll be astonished. You knew it was long, but THAT long? And now, just like Yoo Seung-ho, he had the smart idea of enlisting in the military, at 21, so that he gets it out of the way, before coming back and starting his adult career, with no hindrances or interruptions.


Nam Da Reum really what an actor… he’s played yhe younger versions of almost all the A-list male actors there are with such perfection :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: wishing his all the best in his career