Weak Hero Class 1 - When will it be available in Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, and India?

On December 23rd Wavve announced that ‘Weak Hero Class 1’ will be available in Europe, Oceania, India, and the Middle East on Viki. Currently the drama is locked by Viki in my region. (Europe, Netherlands) Does anybody know when it will be available for fans in the aforementioned continents/countries? Is it just my country specifically or do more European Vikians have no access to the show currently? Any other fans out there from these regions eagerly waiting to watch and sub it?


… at least it seems that there will be no additional subs, only English is the statement at the channel.

It’s not available in Norway. Can you link to the announcement where it said it would be available?


If they don’t bring it after all, then I could imagine NF being the reason.
NF brings Awaken, Taxi Driver and pretty much everything that went well on Viki/Viu, sometimes years later.

It was an article from the 23rd of December on the website KDRAMA STARS that did a report on the original article from a Korean website named Viva100.



That is where I got the news. Apparently an official from Wavve said:

" Thanks to the passionate love and interest towards ‘Weak Hero’ sent from abroad, new overseas markets such as Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, India, etc. have been made, so we are working hard so that ‘Weak Hero’ can meet more viewers around the world."

This last quotation is a google translation from the Korean article.


That would be such a shame…
Indeed it says: “This show has English subtitles only”. For me personally this would not be a big problem but there are many who have trouble understanding English language in for example the European continent. Hopefully this message only shows bc it is only available in some English speaking regions, hence the English subtitles.


Unless it was published on the main broadcasting network of the drama (or Viki itself), I wouldn’t be sure that the drama would be available in Europe.

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You can watch with English subtitles

Not in Europe …

Wavve is the distributor of Weak Hero Class 1. So I did some researching and found out that many of the shows they distribute are available on Viki, also for the European region. For example: The Law Cafe, Bad Prosecutor, Brain Works. They bought out KOCOWA (wavve Americas or wA now) recently and they said that the acquisition will accelerate its advance into the American and global marketplaces. Ah, and it says this on their website:

“Early on the founders of wA saw the international distribution potential of Korean television content, and quickly mobilized to deliver this to global audiences through its streaming platform, KOCOWA. By partnering with the best in the industry, the platform is able to provide its audience with fully subtitled content the same day it airs in Korea. wA was created to directly distribute the best Korean TV content direct-to-consumer, to multichannel video providers, and OTT streaming distributors in the Americas and eventually worldwide.”

Eventually worldwide it says! So they definitely have distribution to other continents in their mission and that’s what they’re already doing I guess.
They will for sure have to compete with Netflix and Disney+ for more market share!

So maybe there is hope we will have Weak Hero Class 1 available soon in our regions! :smile:

lol, and this article claims it’s Rakuten Viki themselves that have confirmed that it will be available to Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, and India following the Americas. I couldn’t find the official statement anywhere though…

  1. Choi, Hee-jae (November 23, 2022). ‘약한영웅’, 유럽→중동 방영 확정…OTT 화제성 4주 연속 1위 [‘Weak Hero’ confirmed to air in Europe → Middle East… OTT Topic Ranked 1st for 4 weeks in a row]. XSportsNews. Retrieved January 13, 2023.

I don’t know how credible it is though. If a Viki employee is reading this, please let us know if you know more! :wink:

It is finally available in Europe! At least in my corner of the EU. Yeyy…

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O yeah!! Weak Hero is finally available in Europe! :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_tear: Even in the little corners of our continent @dramaddict2021_420 :grin:
The effort of requesting this show almost every day thankfully paid off! Thanks Viki, my hope is restored. :grin: In return I will give my all translating the show from English to Dutch! Thank you all who requested this show along with me. High-five :pray:

This is probably licensed for the whole European region now. What about fans in The Middle East, India and Oceania? Do you guys have access too?