Web broswer

What web browser are you using that works the best?

I have tried firefox and I like it except I find in the evenings the video randomly has trouble playing and keeps going to lower quality or just stops loading.

I have tried microsoft edge and I find the video to look weird to me, like there is some kind of juttering or stuttering and it feels uncomfortable to watch. It does seem to always work though and doesn’t have trouble playing at any time.

I recently tried chrome and I’m not really sure, I watched it for a day and by the second it was declaring a video unwatchable and I switched to another browser and it wasn’t having a problem?

Is there some kind of setting I need to make the videos play better? Is it viki or the browser the problem?

I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox for years now, I tried other browser as well, but this one works the best for me. Problems arise when the site is going through changes like in the past weeks or months, or when the browser is getting an update, Usually it will slowly get better.
Firefox had another update a few days ago and after running it, I have to say that it is quite smoother to experience Viki’s page.
Hope the information from the help center is what you needed/wanted.


I also use Firefox.

This issue could be due to your internet connection, not necessarily the browser.

You just need to make sure your browser is up to date. This is the most important.
Old browsers generally have trouble displaying the content of a modern website.

It is not my internet, I have done speed tests while it is playing and the numbers are good. Also when I switch to edge browser the video then plays without switching to lower quality. It is so strange because with the firefox the problems are only at night

My firefox always updates automatically so I can’t see that being a problem either!?

I use Opera because it’s lightweight, and it’s the one that gave me less discrepancies when studying segmenting.
It’s supported by Viki (I have been told by staff) because its structure is similar to Chrome.

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Here is an article from Viki explaining why the the video quality can fluctuate:

The problem could also come from the traffic. There may be too many people on Viki at certain times. :thinking:

Is it better than chrome?

I guess but like I say when I logged out of firefox and went to edge it didn’t have that problem , except when you change browsers it always says you are watching somewhere else and doesn’t work for a while which is also annoying! I guess for now that is the only thing I can do use firefox and when it doesn’t work try other browsers :cry:

Interestingly, I’ve actually never had this happen before. I can have the Viki video player open on different browsers simultaneously and watch without interruption or problem from one to the other.

I mostly watch on Edge and very rarely have video playback issues, unless of course there is a Viki-wide bug. I did experience some rare issues of the video switching to lower quality the other night, but that hardly ever happens.

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I just have viki standard? so not sure if that could be a difference for you? but it is super annoying when I need to switch so I try and do hard refreshes and login multiple times!
Do you not notice this weird jutter or stutter on edge? I especially notice it when I watch a chinese drama like Royal Rumors? it isn’t super obvious but there is definitely a difference to me compared to firefox? other than than it has worked well without problems! I wish I could combine all the browsers to have the perfect one!

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I haven’t ever noticed a stuttering on Edge. It’s so interesting that everyone’s experience on each browser can be so different.

This would surely be nice.

I tend to avoid everything Google as much as I can (not always possible, of course). I like it a lot. What makes me uneasy is that it’s been bought by the Chinese. Between a rock and a hard place, as they say, or between the frying pan and the… you get my gist.