What are some drama's that were very highly recommended but you didn't enjoy them?

For me there’s a lot of dramas that just everyone seems to always recommend. But when I actually try to watch them I sometimes just seem to dislike them.

Mine are ;
-Healer (I KNOW, I KNOW)
-Secret Garden
-My love from another star
-Rooftop Prince
-Flower boy ramen shop

I didn’t particularly enjoy marriage contract. I just liked our team.

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Well, people have different tastes.
I adored Secret Garden, My Love from Another Star and Rooftop Prince. But I cringed with the leading girl’s embarrassing behaviour and the boy’s wooden acting in “It Started with a Kiss” and even more “Love in Tokyo”. Same uneasy/unpleasant feeling in “Boys Over Flowers”, where the bullies who almost raped the leading girl suddenly become her nice friends and Four Musketeers and everything is forgotten.
I feel embarrassment at all the hype about the oppas in fluffy “ramen sageuk” (as in “spaghetti western”) “Hwarang”, when the same teenagers would really love to watch “Solomon’s Perjury” if only they knew how awesome it is.

However, I don’t think there is any interest in everyone of us (basically a bunch of strangers to each other) posting a list of which ones they liked or disliked? Unless there is a detailed explanation - and even then.

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I hate saying this but here goes; Bounty hunters is one I was so excited to watch it and to me just wasn’t all that good, secret garden, I don’t like the idea someone takes over someones body, oh I know its fantasy and all, I agree with Irmar, tastes are different, I could go to many other dramas, but dont think that is a good thing. take them with a grain of salt. love em or leave them

You’re not the only one.I loved Secret Garden but I disliked:

  • My love from another star (I couldn’t get passed the first episode.)
  • Rooftop Prince
  • Flower boy ramen shop
  • Playful Kiss (I prefer the taiwanese version, ISWAK)
  • When A Snail Falls In Love (chinese)

when a snail falls in love was another one, it just fell for me, and I watched all of it, the ending wasn’t good either,

we mentioned the older ones so what about the newer ones?now I do like variety. Just a couple for now
the girl who sees smells, I am in for stories that is supernatural like ,oh my ghostness, who are you, these I did enjoy. but the very first one I think that one could have been written better. Oh the actors & actresses were fine it was just the writing. just could have been better I think. just didn’t grab me.

I don’t really do Fantasy but I absolutely loved Faith, The girl who see’s smells, Masters Sun & Who are you. They were all so good and full of suspense.

Omg I adored playful kiss :sob: But yeah I guess we do have the same taste in dramas.

Yes that’s very true everyone has they’re own liking & dislikes. This question was just outta curiousity. But I agree with you about Boys over Flowers a lot of thing happened in that Kdrama but all seemed to be forgotten later on in the drama, a lot of things like that bullying used in the drama didn’t make me like it so much and the fact that she ended up liking someone that did all that to her.

I couldn’t get past the first episode :sob:

Rooftop Prince and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop! I just couldn’t do it. I tried, I really did! But hey, sometimes our moods have a lot to do with what we like at the time, or what we feel like watching. Fortunately, Kdramas as a whole tend to have a good amount of variety!



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The drama “When a snail falls in love” and the original novel is completely different. Just because the novel is full with a little 18+ scene so the novel on the way to drama is so different.

they always add or subtract form the books to a movie or show, guess thats what sells. I guess I need to get the book! um English version??

I seriously forced myself through Flower Boy Ramyun Shop but it was so bad :sob: didn’t enjoy it one bit.

Descendants of the sun :sweat_smile:


The Heirs, DOTS, Legend of the Blue Sea… Meh. Mediocre at best, and The Heirs is ridiculously BAD scripting. can’t even imagine how she did that… and why… such an utterly dull drama… It was popular for its cast only.


Pretty Li Hui Zhen… I think that was the most boring show I had to endure… maybe bc it was a remake of ‘‘She was Pretty’’ and the story was exactly the same. Never again, I will watch a remake of another drama.

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Omg really :sob: I adored that drama

Omg the heirs!!! It was so bad :sob: Honestly I only watched it because of Lee Min Ho & the rest of the cast but other than that it was just so bad.

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