What are the 25 videos from the Viki opening scene


When starting a Viki original they show a grid with 25 Video’s. I Became curious as to what shows they are. I imagine they are some of their most popular works but i don’t know all of them.


Can you help me naming all the shows?

Lets say for convenience that upper left is 1, right to that is 2 etc. Second row is 6-10. Bottom right. is 25.

I think I recognize these two
9: love in the moonlight
17: strong woman Do Bong Soon

Thanks :slight_smile:

Wasn’t this already hear a few days ago? Where was it? Let me have a look, if I can find it.

Yes, this discussion.

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Thank you @feyfayer - there I was looking for main page, banner, …

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I imagined it would have beem posted before but i couldn’t find it. I guess i used the wrong search words.

6: Descendants of the Sun :blush::blush:

3rd one is Boys Over Flowers, I guess
11th is from Legend Of The Blue Sea
16th is My Love from The Star
I am not sure but 2nd one looks from Weightlifting Fairy.

Yeah, so this was what was inside my K-Drama Encyclopedia.

I think the exact middle picture is from What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

It took me quite a while to find the middle one it’s actually Park Hyung Sik in High Society.

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I made a collection with them all, I haven’t found #1 and I have to add #10, I was just told what that one is, I have to find it and confirm before I add it to my collection.


In case someone doesn’t want to look through my collection…
I could even tell you which episode and approximate time if you want, I spent a lot of time figuring this out. lol

  1. ?
  2. Weightlifting Fairy
  3. Boys Over Flowers
  4. She Was Pretty
  5. Moorim School
  6. Descendants of the Sun
  7. Madame Antoione
  8. Dramaworld
  9. Love In the Moonlight
  10. Refresh Man (I have to rewatch to confirm)
  11. Healer
  12. Father is Strange
  13. High Society
  14. Dramaworld
  15. Legend of the Blue Sea
  16. Suspicious Partner
  17. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  18. Six Flying Dragons
  19. Master’s Sun
  20. My Love From the Stars
  21. Six Flying Dragons
  22. Pinocchio
  23. High Society
  24. Come Back Mister
  25. W - Two Worlds

and to plug my collection again. lol

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Oh, okay. I thought I might be mistaken!

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The scene in #10 is in episode 4 of Refresh Man, around the 1 hour mark.

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Thank you, I found it too, it is such a cute scene.