What are the chances there will be more J-dramas on Viki in the future?


Now I want to watch them! :slight_smile:

Hmm, maybe “demon” was not really meant in the evil sense of the word. I don’t remember exactly right now, but when I was studying Religious Studies one of our studybooks mentioned “demons” and it got me confused in that specific context, so I asked, but the teacher or one of the other students explained that the word “demon” originally had a more “neutral” meaning. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly what they said though, but it just came to mind again when I read your post.


Unfortunately they’re both restricted here. :frowning:


Ah, that really sucks. :frowning:

Oh, that’s one of my projects! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The drama you’re referring to is “Sumika Sumire.” It’s still available here on Viki.


Thanks! I was looking on NTFLX bc I couldn’t remember the title and no wonder lol

@mirjam_465 I know you will enjoy this Japanese drama. I’m watching again


Thank you. I’ll put it on my watch list. :slight_smile:


I’m watching it now once you start you’ll be hook. Is funny too. A great combination


Jeslynl, thank you for the reply - it’s good to know Viki management is listening to subscribers. Also, I’ve read that it’s often incredibly difficult to work deals with Japanese television companies for subtitled programs, but I hope the fact that Rakuten is itself a Japanese company will make it a little easier.

And as I indicated, though I don’t know anything about how the business works, if older programs (even as old as “With Love” from '98) were easier to get on Viki, that would be fine too. A great program is a great program, no matter what year it was released.

I submitted a couple of titles with the link - thank you, and thank you also for the recommendation of “Jimami Tofu!”



I started watching it. Thanks for your suggestion, I love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cat::sparkles:


I have requested them


Jeslyn, another comment - way later on a reply from July, but I forgot to link my drama page at - which is just a fan site where people get information on Japanese dramas, keep track of which ones they’ve seen, write reviews (or just comments,) and rank them on a 1-10 scale like at imdb. I recommend that other J-drama fans go there and set up a profile (if they haven’t already,) because it’s a great resource for information about hundreds of Japanese dramas, old and new:

The site is a little outdated in its style - all of the comments and reviews are run-on textwalls on the user pages, but if you click each drama title link and go to the drama’s own page, the paragraph formatting is restored and they’re much less annoying to read.

Happy New Year!


Another one I’d really like to see on Viki is “Doctor X ~Gekai Daimon Michiko~” - starring the formidable Yonekura Ryoko, who made the 2013 bullying drama “35-sai no Koukousei” so intense.

In Doctor X she plays a freelance surgeon with incredible skill but looked down upon by traditional university doctors who are swimming in a sea of bureaucracy and outdated power-struggles:

This series has gone for six seasons and I think they’re producing more, so I’m thinking it’s a good one.


Recently, there has been a huge addition to Japanese movies. I’ve already watched most of them on YT. It usually happens that I am searching for a movie and I find one on YT, watch the entire movie and realize after watching the end credits that I was scammed into watching some other movie :joy::joy:
I am excited for watching movies with their real title this time.
I am excited especially for these:

I’d also love it if they add Peachgirl and One Week Friends and One Hope Colored Room.
I was a huge Japanese high school movies fan in my high school days and still a huge Kento Yamazaki fan.



Only 1 minute? :thinking:

None of them is in my “Coming Soon” list, so I guess they will be restricted here … :frowning:


Wasn’t there another suggestion thread, too? Could the threads be merged, please?

Nevertheless, my doubled suggestion:


I don’t think they’ll be restricted because you can apply for a channel manager, if it’s restricted doesn’t it say that it’s not available in your region?


I thought so too, but then why can’t I see them in the Coming Soon section? :thinking:


quietly chanting Alice In Borderland, Alice In Borderland, Alice In Borderland…
(Ik the chances are not high to get AIB on Viki… but it would gain so much attention and be so nice XD)


I don’t know :joy:


Yes! Yes! Yes! :hugs: