What are the chances there will be more J-dramas on Viki in the future?



I put a request a long time ago bc she’s great and funny at times; is not all about serious tension in the medical field. She plays the role I like for women, they fight back and reach their goals. It has its flaws but it doesn’t surprise me.

It will be nice if others can join us and request this series to be here. Link below.


I really wish Viki would update people on what - if any - progress it’s making on getting new Japanese dramas added. The virus-panic has likely hit Viki as hard financially as everybody else so maybe it’s particularly difficult right now, but as a subscriber it feels a little hopeless because there’s been nothing new for a long time.

Another question I have - maybe fit subject for its own separate thread: Why don’t more Viki viewers watch Japanese dramas? Korean dramas seem to be the most popular by far, and my theory is that this is simply because K-dramas are the the dramas from Asia that most people see first, simply because they’re easier to license and are therefore more plentiful by far. 'Really wish the balance were more even.

I’m thinking that the more Japanese dramas that are added to Viki, in more genres than just Rom-Coms - and with increased promotion - people will catch on and get as addicted to them as the rest of us. For my own perspective I prefer J-dramas simply because I’m more interested in Japanese culture and history than any other country right now and am studying the Japanese language (along with Thai.)

At the same time I’d like to see dramas from Thailand and Taiwan, and even though Viki’s catalog is heavily lopsided toward K-dramas, anything new from Korea is a good thing too. (Greedy, ain’t I?) :sunglasses:

So… any updates on Japanese dramas? If so, which ones are planned?


angelight, I know, I’d assumed the same thing: A Japanese CEO should have a much easier time negotiating deals for new Japanese dramas, but not much has happened. For getting documentaries I recommend looking for NHK World on your cable system - or just accessing it via internet:

They basically alternate, all day every day, their half-hour news programs with half-hour documentaries, variety shows, and - my fave - Grand Sumo (the 15-day March Grand Sumo Basho starts today, March 14.) But definitely look around your cable menu, NHK World might be sitting on some obscure upper channel. If not, go to your cable company’s request page and rattle their cage to add the channel.

But when you say “out of region” do you mean the thing where youtube won’t play a video, or just accessing the Viki site itself? There are a couple of things you can try to get around country restrictions:

  • Just a month or so ago I learned the “hooktube” trick to watch anything on youtube regardless of country restrictions: If you know the URL of a youtube vid you want to watch, just replace the “you” with “hook” in the URL address, and hit enter. It will take you to a mirror site where the video will play. At the top of the screen there will be a message that says “…you have exceeded your quota” and a green button below the vid that says “download.” Just ignore both of those and click the Play arrow like normal. You can do this with any youtube vid. It also gets rid of the ads. (The only downside is that it also eliminates all of the related-vids suggestions at the right side as well as the comments and view / like / dislike counts, so you have to go back to youtube to surf for that stuff.)

  • To access a website that’s restricted in your home country, you can use the VPN that’s included with the Epic browser. Go to and install Epic. When that’s done, install the Epic VPN, which allows you choose from servers in eight different countries (it’s also free.) To get the VPN installed, click on the three vertical dots at upper right of the Epic browser and select “More tools” from the drop-down, and then “Extensions.” This will bring up a page with a link to the Epic Web Store; click that to bring up a list of extensions. At the top right will be the “Encrypted Proxy VPN Service.” Click Install and let it do its thing (it should install to the browser automatically.) When it’s installed you’ll see an icon at upper right that looks like two red electrical plugs. Click that and choose a server from the drop-down - any site you go to after that will see your IP as being located in the country you picked, not your own.

  • For viewing DVDs from any region I highly recommend springing for an all-region DVD player. I bought one in 2019 for less than $50 USD, and it’s no-frills but made by LG and will play anything. There are a lot of different all-region players, but the one I bought is Amazon item # B00GZI5IW6 (LG model DP132H.) I can’t understand why DVDs are still encoded with different “regions” at all in 2021, but an all-region player eliminates the problem anyway.


Thank you so much for the link!

I have no problem watching anything on Youtube it’s here at this Rviki site. Every Japanese documentary now is ‘‘out of my region’’ out of the blue, but I did a lot of English to Spanish subtitles in them; a long time ago. I worked in those documentaries, and have no access to them now, (and some dramas too). Go figure.

But is all good, what bothers me is the new ones ( japanese documentaries) they have, and I haven’t been able to see bc of the region thingy, that makes absolutely no sense to me. Not everyone like Japanese content, and to keep away those that like it, is more a loss to the Japanese film industry bc they need viewers to see their hard work in films whether is a drama, documentary etc…


Thank you, thank you so much!!! those are the kind of documentaries I love to see from Japan although I have tears in my eyes I wished so much to hug that strong 93 year old elder that reminds me so much of my 90 yr. old grandma (R.I. P.) She was such a hard worker too until the end. We live so far and yet the love, the caring are so alike. The AI subtitles are so perfect so you made my day so much brighter. May you and your loved ones be rewarded with many blessings in your life. Going back to see next docu bc I’m hooked!