What are the dramas you re-watched the most?

I’ve recently taken to re-watching more and more dramas. I find the pickings really slim lately, also they help while waiting for on-going dramas to complete.

Which dramas do you feel are really re-watchable (in their ENTIRETY not just parts)? How many times have you re-watched them? Which one is like comfort food (CF) because you always get the urge to watch it in your downtime or when you don’t want to hunt? I’ve watched so many over the years, I’m stuck on what may be worth another watch. I don’t care if they’re new or old or what genre. NOTE: They don’t have to be your highest rated. OR your favorite. Except for a couple, all my best re-watches only rate about a 7/10 -my comfort range. (No need for a box if tissues in my lap) I can just kick back and enjoy a good familiar feeling.

  • K-dramas, T-dramas, J-dramas, Thai- dramas, C-dramas, Daily dramas.

Mine are:
ISWAK Parts I&II = 4x = CF
Lie to Me - 3x
She Was Pretty = 3x
Boss and Me = 4x
Healer = 2x
Secret = just watched for the 2nd time and still in love with it. May even re-watch again right now! :smile:

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I re-watched 3 times "To the Beautiful You’’ ‘‘Secret Garden’’ ‘‘Lie to Me’’ and ‘‘BIG’’ whenever I miss some scenes in the drama that I really enjoyed and miss bc they were so beautiful. The songs also give me a ‘‘happy feeling.’’ I have to add I don’t watch the whole drama just certain episodes from the dramas.

It started with a kiss the Taiwanese version :3

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None so far. There are so good ones airing right now, and, although I’ve watched more than sixty so far, there are still so many highly recommended on my “to watch” list, so I am never without something to watch.

healer 4x
heal me kill me 3x
jekle,hyde,me 3x
entertainer 3x
squad 38 2x
bad guys 2x
student that walks at night 2x
office girls 3x
theres more but thats enough

I’ve rewatched completely:

  • Addicted 3x (or 4x, can’t really remember, it might be even more XD)
  • 20’s (the short one with Lee Gi Kwang of BEAST) x3;
  • Secret Garden x2;
  • A Witch’s Romance x2;

I’ve started rewatching Gap Dong, but I’ve stopped at the 8th or 9th episode.

This probably will not count but I think it is worth a mention, I started watching, when it came out, Secret Love Affair, with Yoo Ah In, and back then I dropped it after I watched around half of the episodes. I watched it again last year, and I completely fell in love with it, to the point that I might re-watch it sooner or later as long as I’ll have the time.

I re-watch ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ and ‘The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law’!

This is great! My theory is if it’s good enough for someone to watch more than twice, odds are, I’ll be able to find a few more decent dramas to watch / rewatch if I’ve forgotten them… With the thousands of dramas out there, the weeding out can get really tedious! I’ll go check squad 38 since I haven’t seen it yet! :slight_smile:

if you’ve seen 20’s 3 times, I’ll have to add it to my new list. THANK YOU. of course I’ve seen all the rest … it’s funny, I also stopped Gap Dong and forgot about it till now. It gets so many raves though, I’ll probably move towards it again.

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My Name is Kim Sam Soon x2
Coffee Prince x2
A Gentleman’s Dignity x2

I love them.

Kill Me, Heal Me 3x
Heirs 2x (DF)
Beating Again 2x
Another Oh Hea Young 2x
Another Happy Ending 2x
Go Ho’s Starry Night 2x (DF)
Scarlet Heart: Ryero 2x (DF)

Secret Garden-CF, 4x
Healer-CF, 4x
Coffee Prince, 2x
You’re Beautiful, 3x
Heartstrings 3x
Kim Sam Soon-CF 3x
I Hear Your Voice 2x
Pinocchio 2x
Master’s Sun 2x
Full House Thai version, 2x, CF

Interestingly, I had a few Lee Seung Gi dramas in here but I had to admit that I watched those again in parts and not entirely so I had to remove them…

Arang and the Magistrate
Boys over Flowers
I hear your voice
Yi San
City Hunter
12 Year Promise
The Time I did not love you
Great Queen Seondeok
I miss you
Its ok that’s love
The Princess Man
I know I have sooo many that I re-watch and believe it or not I still have time for new shows (smile)

Answer Me 1997 4x (every finals season ever)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal 3x
The Greatest Love 2x
Queen Seondeok 3x
My Name is Kim Sam Soon 3x

Rewatch list:
The Time I Loved You


hello all

i will like to watch thai drama !!! but they are no longer available iiiiiiiiiii

LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA,and soo many more. I´m just addicted to k-dramas

I just watched Kim Sam Soon, again. Kim Sun A and Hyun Bin…how I wish they will work together again. I am thinking of watching Witch’s Romance and Heartstrings, again.

Oh, I have to add Kluen Cheewit which is a thai drama and I know I have watched Mischevious Kiss 1 and 2 at least twice.

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@supernatural10_573 When I saw this post title, I was going to say the only one I’ve ever rewatched is Kim Sam Soon! I’ve seen it maybe 4 times. It’s one of my favorites, and the first one my teacher made me watch when I began to learn Korean, so one of those times was when I could eventually watch without subtitles.

But now I remember that I’ve watched the first 20 eps of Unstoppable High Kick several times, on DVD. This was before there was streaming, so my options were limited. Plus, there were no subtitles, so I had to watch that many times to understand. :sheep:

One more-- Glass Slipper was my very first Korean show. I watched it alongside my mom, when I didn’t know any Korean, and she was only willing to tell me the main points. So I had to rewatch years later when she got the DVDs with subtitles.

I would recommend all of the above. The first is fun and a more unique rom-com. The second is funny and lighthearted. And the third is representative of the old style of the SUPER dramatic and heart wrenching plot, before the new trend came along of making everything unrealistically happy in the end.

Kim Sam Soon, Healer, Kill me heal me, jekle hyde & me, pasta, oh my ghostness, masters sun.its ok thats love, love turn into money, vampire prosecuter 1&2, faith I don’t know why, but I do enjoy these! and so many more! I coulds make a bigger list. but these are so good, some seems better than newer dramas. I forgot I responded to this a couple of months ago!