What are the upcoming cdramas that Viki will license?


I see some cdramas are going to get license, but they are older cdramas (last year or older)

What are some airing cdramas that will get licensed? What cdramas are you anticipating for April? I can’t think of any top of my head.


Drama: Across the Ocean to See You, premiering 4-2-2017.
Beautiful theme song MV with teaser clips…
Teaser 1…
Teaser 2…

Drama: Blind Date, premiering 4-13-2017.
(no teaser yet)

Drama: Surgeons, premiering 4-17-2017.

Drama: Heirs, premiering 4-14-2017.继承人

‘Others To Watch Out For’ (at least for me), apart from the popular ones that have been mentioned in other threads:
Drama: Legend of Fuyao/Empress Fuyao 扶摇皇后
Concept Teaser…

Drama: Legend of Dugu/Empress Dugu 獨孤皇后
C-news teaser. No drama teaser out yet…

Drama: The Legend of Jade Sword, (according to one source, premiering 4-12-2017, but to be confirmed).莽荒纪
Special Effects Teasers…
Drama Teaser…

Drama: Phoenix Imprisoning Phoenix/Untouchable Lovers

Drama: Win The World
C-news teasers. No drama teaser out yet.

…and to be updated… :slight_smile:

Viki, please get licenses for these Cdramas that are upcoming soon in April (there are others, many others, will fill in when I can).
PLEASE!!! /o\ \0/ /o\


Thank you so much!
The Phoenix one changed its name to Untouchable Lovers, I am looking forward to that one too.

I think Joe Chen, YangMi and Fan BingBing’s dramas wont be out until 2018.
So Viki is getting Across The Ocean to See You? Could be interesting. Same with Blind Date.

Surgeons is from the director of Nirvana so it could be a masterpiece, but it looks kind of dark.


Unfortunately, none of the ones airing in April are licensed on Viki yet. Cross your fingers :slight_smile:


win the world when can we see it in the us