What are things you wish you could change in the K-Pop scene?


K-pop is getting bigger and more popular in other countrys. Maybe you like also Kpop. I really like kpop, but recently, I saw more and more things, that I wish that will change soon. For example: I really hate, how K-Pop idols have to do harsh diets (e.g. only bananas, or only 1 apple, a few sweet potatoes, 1 protein shake) so that they are “perfect”. And idols, who doesn’t fit the harsh body-standards get a lots of hate. But I mean: They are perfect the way they are. Many people think so too. But what are you thoughts about this?

I kinda find it very hilarious, that in every group is a “visual”. I can understand it, they fit the KBS the best, but everyone is pretty and can be in a commercial or in variety shows. I think, the KBS are in generally a bit stupid.

But what do you think about this? Do you have also things you wish that would change, so that your idols can live a better life?

For me, I also hate that in almost EVERY variety show the hosts, are middle-aged man. I don’t have anything again middle-aged man in general, but I think it’s kinda disgusting.
The idols are all very young, and these guys are so disgusting. I even feel uncomfortable, when I only watch the show on the internet.

Let’s take weekly idol. Wi has changed now, but till 2018-2019 there were still these old man. E.g: If theres a girl group on the show, the hosts always want that they act “sexy”, but as soon as they only move their hips a bit, the mc’s starts screaming, so loud, that I feel like, my headphones are exploding.

Or another e.g. I’ve been rewatching the episode with the disbanded group i.o.i. They did the rally dance(?) And the member Yoojung had a sexy song, so she wanted to act sexy once in her life, because she’s always cute. (No complaining, she’s perfect) But the hosts bet her to do the “granny dance”. Of course its cute and funny and all, but why???

They always want them to act sexy, but when the idols dancing sexy one time, when they want to, the hosts say something diffrent, or let it “flop”. (So that they don’t clap or something.) Or they scream, that the idol is uncomfortable. Even with male idols the hosts do this!

Or they are so unrespectful, touch or stare at female idols, where they don’t want it. Same thing with male idols. In the episode, where Bts was at weekly idol in 2017, one of the hosts kissed Jimin, (it was in a game, but still not nice) because Jimin doesn’t like being kissed/touched in his face. Or they make fun out of idols, when they are talking about serious topics, or they even insult them, slap or push them. If you don’t belive me, check the link out.


So, what do you think about this? Do you agree? Or do you think, I’m overacting?
What are things like this, you wish you could change?

Some replys would be nice.:grinning:
I’m excited to read your opinion! :blush: :heart:

Have a nice day, and stay happy!:laughing: