What are you currently watching?

there’s no problem citing other sources or talking about other stuff… you just can’t advertise anything.

Im currently watching love designer, I highly recommend this show,

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i am watching a lot of shows right now and i don’t how my brain is functioning and coping up with all the dramas
i am watching
my roommate is gumiho
hospital playlist
devil judge
spring is green
doom at your service
light on me


YES! Satisfying endings seem to be in short supply in K-dramas these days. I contend that it has to do with all the Korean networks being ambivalent about their continuing “good luck” in taking the entertainment world by storm.

With the pressure to . . . um . . . can I say . . . conceive, produce, and push their babies out the door ASAP, there are (IMHO) too many dramas that have not been allowed to mature sufficiently within the safety of their virtual nurseries before being shoved out onto the street with their nappies dragging in the dust.

Anybody who has read Rudyard Kipling’s Kim, the most beautiful love letter to India imaginable, will see how appropriate an image that is for the huddled masses of K-dramas clogging the highways and byways of the Viki-verse.




The young Kimball O’Hara, offspring of an Irish soldier and an Indian ayah, cheerfully muscles his way across India, Nepal, AND Tibet as the chela of a remarkably sanguine old Buddhist lama, and he embraces EVERYTHING he encounters with remarkably un-Buddhist enthusiasm.


(from Free Tibet)

And in the end, Kim does find a type of enlightenment.

You read the book and are dazzled, and you get to the end, and you just sit and murmur, “Wow.”

Not all satisfying endings have to be “happy.” I think it was Shakespeare who forever fixed in the modern theatrical mind the idea that a comedy was a play of any mood, full of many or few struggles, in which estranged characters were reconciled, misfortunes were reversed, and people might be stretched to their limits . . . but “all’s well that ends well,” and the ending of a Shakespearean comedy ALWAYS included a marriage. Or several.

And a Shakespearean tragedy was one in which EVERY freaking person possible who could be offended, wounded, challenged, accused, misunderstood, mistakenly identified, arrested, hung, poisoned, stabbed, and otherwise “deaded” . . . was.

But, along the way . . . EVEN in the midst of anguish and revenge, characters matured spiritually, realized as they lay dying that revenge was not the way of heaven, and in the end were restored to right relationship with heaven and eulogized by one lone survivor.

Shakespeare in his maturity had some focus and clarity, and I think “K” studios could just take As You Like It and Hamlet as templates and solve all their ending problems.

But it remains to the volunteers (as usual) to help guide the misguided. Or should I say the not quite fully guided?

FYI . . .

Shakespeare in India: History of King Lear in India
By Poonam Trivedi June 22, 2010


Shakespeare Reception in India and The Netherlands until the Early Twentieth Century
Vikram Singh Thakur
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University

(The above is a PDF file)



I will stop here (Yay!)

I was introduced to Shakespeare in high school by my mother who, as a young woman, was a Lawrence Olivier fangirl. Like so many people struggling with the trauma of WWII, Olivier’s Henry V kept hope alive in many hearts.

She had a Folger Library copy of Henry V and a vinyl recording of the play . . .


(screen caps from Folger Library and Amazon)

. . . and one day she astonished my sisters and me by reciting (from memory and with passion) the famous speech concluding with: “Cry God for Harry, England, and St. George!” She vibrated with passion; she had tears in her eyes.

I was hooked for life on the Master of the Satisfying Ending.


What about Miss Willow’s Virtual New Orleans Style Tasty Late Nite K-Drama Viewing Snax: Jazzy, Fizzy, No Carb, No Cal AND Comes In 25,000 Different Flavors?



“I’m signed to be the Spokes-Babe.”

(from AsianWiki)

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For a prime example of what advertising is okay, check this topic out:

they’re hosting an entire online shopping mall over there :joy:

I will stop posting non-related stuff now LOL.

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Nah, don’t feel guilty. If I didn’t like working with young people, I wouldn’t have been here for 18 years. It’s all good. Screech away. :joy::joy:


What about imitation? is it good?

yeah it is great u should watch it if you are into cute romance , idol dramas

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Actually, I watch a different kinds of dramas haha.
I was watching some clips and it looks so cute that I was thinking about watching it.

you should i assure you u won’t be disappointed

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Sounds great!, I’ll watch it!

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You have crush on all oppas you greedy girl you never give me one and you never give sig to @angelight313_168


He really looks so cool in this drama nd I like lawless lawyer too.

It’s really so so beautiful :heart::heart:

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There is an kpop guy that sings SOPRANO (I don’t think is the joker guy here). I’m telling you, he brought me to tears with a romantic song he sang in a YT video. I was so shocked bc his voice is so ‘‘mousy’’ and when he sings soprano he’s a totally different person. I mean it could be this guy, but I can’t remember bc it was a long while back I saw this video. If you know by chance, share it here bc he deserves the attention.

PS He was in a contestant show at the time (no mask).

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Bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! All the Oppas!


(oh sorry off topic - I’m still watching Yoon Shi Yoon in “Your Honor” and Jang Ki Yong in Roommate is a Gumiho) and a couple many others


That park hyung sik’s gif is sooo :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: nothing.


Few weeks ago I started with The Penthouse Season 3:

and recently The Devil Judge:

Both of them are great dramas and really intense in their own way :wink:
I always wait for the new episodes, on air dramas are really a struggle lmao


I barely even notice the makeup! I’ve seen a frequent complaint lately that the ML will have too much lipstick, and I’m like…he’s got lipstick?

But I definitely do have pet peeves…it took me so long to get used to the mainland Chinese dubbing… I always think of that little girl who lip synched years ago in the Beijing Olympics ceremony, and the controversy that ensued… and now I look back on that and just see it as a cultural difference. Like it’s totally normal in Chinese TV that if you have one actor with the voice you want and another actor with the look you want, you just dub them over. And I can accept it, mostly, but I will die on the hill that Yang Yang is already perfect. :rofl:

Anyway, caught up on both dramas. It’s either go back to My Roommate is a Gumiho and catch up, watch Falling Into Your Smile, or watch the lecture for the online class I’m taking. Obviously I SHOULD watch the lecture. And obviously that’ll happen last.

I know it’s a cultural difference, but I am really struggling with some of the family members on both shows (Be Together - mostly the brother of a supporting character, Truth or Dare - mostly the ML’s parents). The idea of not being able to get away from your abusive or manipulative family members is so uncomfortable for me! I don’t have family dramas at all, but if my family members treated me like that, they would not be staying in my life! But I don’t think family members are cut off like that in China, and at least in the historical dramas they seem to be held responsible for the crimes of their elders.

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