What are you currently watching?


Thanks I just got done watching Melting me softly


So glad you enjoyed it! I have to agree about Deng Lun, we needed to see a lot more of him. :heart::heart::heart: He was just so awesome!!! I’m loving Falling Into Your Smile now but waiting for the subtitles when you really love a drama is the worst. Love, love, love to all the subbers out there who are bringing us these awesome dramas.


eeee! At my old job, we had a group of young female college students working for us. When they weren’t working together, their voices were normally pitched. But when they happened to work the same hours together, their conversational voices would get higher and higher until it was a squeak fest! They drove me NUTS!

In my mind, I was yelling at them, SHUT THE HELL UP! But of course, I was polite and just asked them to modulate their voices.

What I really hate in dramas is when someone grabs someone else’s cheeks and pinches/stretches them out.


:rofl: It’s only a drama :joy:


I hear ya! I currently work at a college and the squeaks and squeals in the hallways during the semester can be deafening! Hahaha!!



Are we going to have to start a Go Fund Me page for you? LOL.


I ran the computer help desk at our university. The ‘squeakers’ were in an adjacent, open doored room running scantron tests through the machine.Their squeakiness in the background really intruded upon our ability to hear our callers. It was difficult to tune them out and we couldn’t just tell our caller to wait while we went back to read them the riot act. We had to wait until we were finished with our call - THEN go and kill them. They reincarnated almost instantly so their manager didn’t have to go through the trouble of hiring and training new personnel every few minutes.

The funny thing about it was the girls would be squeaking about who would marry whom while the boys were loudly talking about whichever game was current.
sigh I listened to the same damned conversations for 25 YEARS! :scream: :rofl: :sunglasses: (It’s why I’m senile now. )


Aside from the misspelling of “sinopsis” which should be “synopsis,” this does look like an interesting “dorama.”

Not enough that marriageable young men and women have a couple thousand years or so of the WEIGHT of the omiai in their family histories.

Let’s ratchet up the stress and pressure by getting the government in their business.

Question is, for snax with this one . . . chips and soda? Coffee and chocolate bars? Chinese takeout (from the Taiwanese restaurant that makes decent sushi) and kombucha?

For some reason, I am always hungrier when I watch doramas . . .




Have any of you watched Love Designer?


Yayyy… I guess I’ll venture into the world of J-dramas for the second time then :sweat_smile:

no, we do enough promotions for Viki anyway :joy: you can mention what you’re watching even if it’s on NF or somewhere else.

ahhh those days :joy: I sat editing, editing, editing… and the day I earned my Pass… :star_struck::sunglasses: I felt like the coolest kid in town! Save your coffee and chocolate money… in Discobrat’s words, you have ONLY 2284 contributions to a free pass! :joy::sweat_smile:

Did you like it? what genres are your favorite? If you’re a JCW fan now, you could try Suspicious Partner, Healer or The K2!

As a college student, this makes me feel guilty :joy: Do I sound like that when I’m screeching about dramas with my friends??!


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling me the drama was worth it because it WAS. This drama made me actually start liking the sound of Mandarin LOL. Deng Lun made it sound so amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile:
I think I confused it with Eternal Love and that’s why I stayed away from it for so long. I still haven’t gotten over the drama; I watch behind the scenes videos and fan-made edits and pretend to swoosh around wrapped in bedsheets acting like an Immortal. :joy:

Also, I’ve decided I’m going to become a professional satisfying-ending writer. It seems to be the fatal flaw of most good writers. They write powerful epics but seemingly get tired towards the end and wrap it up unsatisfyingly. I have spun thousands of happy endings in my head. I love it when dramas end with references/contrasts to some situations earlier in the drama. It makes the viewer feel good that they understand the references because they stuck with the show till the end. It makes you feel more connected with the characters and their story and gives you compensation for all the emotions and tears you invested. Especially with Ashes of Love, I already have three or four endings that would have given me complete peace after that crazy storm they put me through.


This summer in the mystic realm of Jambu Dwipa, there are (apparently) a few cool K-drama ladies who are causing some squealing of a serious kind.

(Am I allowed to mention this? Is it going to get bleeped for some reason because it’s not strictly Viki? Has anybody heard the podcast? I just think it says a lot about the power of the “K” . . .)


there’s no problem citing other sources or talking about other stuff… you just can’t advertise anything.


Im currently watching love designer, I highly recommend this show,


i am watching a lot of shows right now and i don’t how my brain is functioning and coping up with all the dramas
i am watching
my roommate is gumiho
hospital playlist
devil judge
spring is green
doom at your service
light on me


YES! Satisfying endings seem to be in short supply in K-dramas these days. I contend that it has to do with all the Korean networks being ambivalent about their continuing “good luck” in taking the entertainment world by storm.

With the pressure to . . . um . . . can I say . . . conceive, produce, and push their babies out the door ASAP, there are (IMHO) too many dramas that have not been allowed to mature sufficiently within the safety of their virtual nurseries before being shoved out onto the street with their nappies dragging in the dust.

Anybody who has read Rudyard Kipling’s Kim, the most beautiful love letter to India imaginable, will see how appropriate an image that is for the huddled masses of K-dramas clogging the highways and byways of the Viki-verse.



The young Kimball O’Hara, offspring of an Irish soldier and an Indian ayah, cheerfully muscles his way across India, Nepal, AND Tibet as the chela of a remarkably sanguine old Buddhist lama, and he embraces EVERYTHING he encounters with remarkably un-Buddhist enthusiasm.


(from Free Tibet)

And in the end, Kim does find a type of enlightenment.

You read the book and are dazzled, and you get to the end, and you just sit and murmur, “Wow.”

Not all satisfying endings have to be “happy.” I think it was Shakespeare who forever fixed in the modern theatrical mind the idea that a comedy was a play of any mood, full of many or few struggles, in which estranged characters were reconciled, misfortunes were reversed, and people might be stretched to their limits . . . but “all’s well that ends well,” and the ending of a Shakespearean comedy ALWAYS included a marriage. Or several.

And a Shakespearean tragedy was one in which EVERY freaking person possible who could be offended, wounded, challenged, accused, misunderstood, mistakenly identified, arrested, hung, poisoned, stabbed, and otherwise “deaded” . . . was.

But, along the way . . . EVEN in the midst of anguish and revenge, characters matured spiritually, realized as they lay dying that revenge was not the way of heaven, and in the end were restored to right relationship with heaven and eulogized by one lone survivor.

Shakespeare in his maturity had some focus and clarity, and I think “K” studios could just take As You Like It and Hamlet as templates and solve all their ending problems.

But it remains to the volunteers (as usual) to help guide the misguided. Or should I say the not quite fully guided?

FYI . . .
Shakespeare in India: History of King Lear in India
By Poonam Trivedi June 22, 2010
Shakespeare Reception in India and The Netherlands until the Early Twentieth Century
Vikram Singh Thakur
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University

(The above is a PDF file)

I will stop here (Yay!)

I was introduced to Shakespeare in high school by my mother who, as a young woman, was a Lawrence Olivier fangirl. Like so many people struggling with the trauma of WWII, Olivier’s Henry V kept hope alive in many hearts.

She had a Folger Library copy of Henry V and a vinyl recording of the play . . .

(screen caps from Folger Library and Amazon)

. . . and one day she astonished my sisters and me by reciting (from memory and with passion) the famous speech concluding with: “Cry God for Harry, England, and St. George!” She vibrated with passion; she had tears in her eyes.

I was hooked for life on the Master of the Satisfying Ending.


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“I’m signed to be the Spokes-Babe.”

(from AsianWiki)

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For a prime example of what advertising is okay, check this topic out:

they’re hosting an entire online shopping mall over there :joy:

I will stop posting non-related stuff now LOL.


Nah, don’t feel guilty. If I didn’t like working with young people, I wouldn’t have been here for 18 years. It’s all good. Screech away. :joy::joy: