What are you currently watching?


I have a HALLMARK blanket - it has been retired! I never EVER watch Hallmark anymore! Except my favorite movie The Magic of Ordinary Days!


Oh my goodness, the little kid is so cute!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: hurrying to add this to my list now :joy:

I sent you a friend request! WOW 222 DAYS in 2 years?? :scream::scream: wait how is that possible

That means you’ve watched about 7 thirty-day months worth of drama in 2 years. That’s including nights, so if you reduce them to 12-hour days, it’s 14 months. That means you watched dramas for twelve hours every day for a year and two months, if my math is right :fearful::scream::exploding_head:
So if I round it off to two years, (12 hours every day for a year) and cut the number of hours to six, you might have spent 6 hours every day watching dramas for two years.

I will get off the internet now.



Geez, thanks for doing that math and making me feel like the biggest potato of all the couch potatoes. LOL For starters, it’s no lie that I usually watch 3-4 hours a night between the hours of 10 pm and 1-2 am. I take my little iPad mini to bed, put in my headphones, curl up and watch until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. (There have been a number of times when I just keep watching until I realize that the sun has literally risen on the next day). I am a stay-at-home mom/household administrator, so my dramas are often playing during the day, as well. I’d love to be able to volunteer for Viki, because I’ve got the time and the will, but I lack any of the skills.


oooh I didn’t want to make you feel like a potato :joy::joy: I just have another amazing drama sunbae I have to bow to


also, if you’re good with English, you could volunteer as an English Editor :blush: or you could go through segging academy and become a segmenter^^


I know that these positions exist, but I haven’t really found how a person goes about volunteering as such. On the volunteering page I looked at, it only mentions the CMs, the subtitlers, and the segmenters. I haven’t done enough research, I guess.


try this thread:

Put up your experience and offer to be an Editor :blush:
you can also ask all the questions you want there, let’s not get off-topic here :sweat_smile:


Thanks for that. I will look into it.

On topic: I, of course, have several shows going at the moment, but one of them is The Dance of the Storm. Oh my goodness is this one slow. I’ve been tempted to drop it, but I really want to know how it ends, so I am forcing my way through a few scenes at a time. It will eventually go in the ‘They got completed anyway’ thread. I remember being on episode 14, feeling like the story was probably getting close to its climax, but then looking at the episode list and realizing there were 43 episode in total, so I wasn’t even halfway through!!! There are almost no timed comments at the stage I’m at, so either people dropped it like hotcakes or they are sleeping through the episodes. LOL


checkout oriya’s post in the linked topic, checkout also this page with different channel roles functions. Good luck!

You can also find more links on my profile page.


Thank you for the information!


I just finished 6 Episodes of [MY RUNWAY] Season 1 so I’m guessing season 2; is in the making.

This one is on ntx, and is a mix of BL and SECRET GARDEN (Ha Ji Won/Hyun Bin)

I would have love LSH as the ML bc he would have been PERFECT for this role. The FL is cute and perfect for that role. Loved the story plot although is same scenes common in K-dramas.:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sub-watching(is this a word or have I just invented one? :joy:) this one. Volunteering on a show makes you appreciate and enjoy the little things about a drama.

Though the budget/quality is pretty bad and I don’t like where the main leads’ story is going, I’ve developed a liking for the second lead couple… They’re young, cute and stupid. Hate-love relationship with that adorable unconscious-reliance trope :joy::joy:


I didn’t know that it has season 2, I enjoyed season 1.


I just finished watching My Country on NF. This is an excellent fictionalized historical drama. I’ve noticed that NF productions tend to be a little higher quality when dealing with Korean history. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, the night time scenes were crisp and clear, costuming was beautiful. This drama reminded me of Mr. Sunshine but with more physical romance. The ‘pond guys’ have a love/hate bromance going on and there were enough lip locks and hugging between the ML and the FL to keep me interested. This drama is all about a revolution so, of course, there is quite a bit of bloodshed. I’m so glad I watched this (thanks to my friend @kdrama2020ali for posting ‘pond guys’ splash scene on another discussion board which lured me in). Even though there isn’t a ton of kissing and hugging, I do recommend this drama as it kept me watching without needing a break. Enjoy!


I just started this a couple days ago based on the same pond scene. LOL

Unlike you, though, I have to take breaks because it is hard for me to take the mistreatment of, both physical and mental, and injustices towards lead characters. I usually avoid these storylines, actually, but I am giving it a fair shake because of the cast and the production quality. You’re right about Ntfx shows often, though not always, having a higher quality of production. For example, the intro sequence is so beautifully done.


I totally agree with your comment about the physical and mental mistreatment of the lead characters. While I don’t approve nor sanction that kind of behavior, I have to keep in mind that people were treated very brutally in that time frame and this production is trying to be true to the period. Productions like this always remind me to treat my fellow humans with more kindness and understanding. I should add that, in many parts of the world, this kind of treatment, sadly, continues.


These stories definitely have their place, and many of them are really well done; I just have a personal struggle with them. We all watch different things for different reasons, so it’s all good. After only two episodes, I imagine this one would be highly recommended within its genre.


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Your Welcome!!!

I have not watched the show so I don’t know the themes that might be a little bit harder to watch! I just know my cute boys! So this is just a thank you for a thank you.


what’s the name of this show? I need to add it to my list.


It’s ‘My Country: The New Age’ on Ntfx.


Oops did I do it again! Are you going to watch it now? I think I guess I need to catch up!

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