What are you currently watching?


finished watching white christmas, want to watch “some” of the holiday ones as well

sword snow stride
again going to watch some of the holiday ones on NF and amazon prime as well
not leaving out thew dramas , just gotta find some I would love to watch over this Christmas season


finished watching Christmas Chronicles on NF, was cute!


Kim Woo Bin
Kang Ha Neul

Who would not want to watch these cuties in their 20s. Hilarious MOVIE - @irishtigger and @my_happy_place we were rolling on the floor almost choking laughing at this coming of age story of three friends.

NC - 17
do not watch
Crude humor and bad language


Very important information for any prospective viewers, but it was still completely hilarious. It has one of the funniest fight scenes near the end.


I am STILL laughing thinking about this movie. Absolutely hilarious, and the message (albeit crude) was a good one. This was a show about growing up that was hilariously REAL – I mean come on, who didn’t know a group of s*x-crazed boys in their early 20s? :rofl:


was his voice dubbed?? they sound different in each one

but still love his acting!!

🐿️ Squirrel! ʘ‿ʘ You Call It, We Watch It!

did you know?? I accidently found it

yeaaaa I can finally finish it!!
well I do plan to watch AND finish watching it today, and I just might go to the first episode and re-watch!!


Till where did you watch it last time?


I watched it here till Viki took it off


Rowoon is the main guy/ML? I don’t pay attention to those things, but the ML I don’t think I have seen him before. What other dramas he has done? He looks a lot like this other actor that I loved, but disappeared a long time ago, and I wonder why. He did a Joseon era drama titled [ The Bridal Mask] that one had a shi**y ending. I was angry for days, too. I felt I wasted my time watching that drama if I had known I would have prevented so much pain that it brought to me.

Although TKA has a lot of other matters involved, the romantic part is so awesome! Not lacking like in other dramas, and the ending was a perfect 10 for me.


Rowoon was in, Where Stars Land (as side character), She Would Never Know (ML), Extraordinarily You (ML) and a few others that I haven’t watched.


I also found a drama for mature audience 18+ for a change it’s not an idol drama :laughing: It’s about family but more couple’s life, reminds me a bit Sky Castle, the cheating hubby is a piece of work!

This one is also with mature actors, it says R “15” it’s quite an intense mystery and thriller, shall I say it’s about female powers!


I like them both, certainly something for a more mature audience.
We can sit back and think how good it is that we can get by without so much calculation, but perhaps with love or affection, depending on how long this may last in the individual case.


Princess agents, re watching this one
and madam holmes too
secret inspector & joy


Currently watching:
Kind of a boring way to start, but I’m waiting to see if it gets better

This looks amazing, let’s see


My cousin gave me an in-depth review a few weeks ago, and all I can say is that it’s really REALLY bad :grimacing:


Have You Watched
Holiday Inn - oldie
One of my favorites


Noooo, really? :roll_eyes:


I love the shows that keeps you riveted! :smile::smile:


holiday inn, white Christmas, same thing. loved the moview