What are you currently watching?


Rowoon was in, Where Stars Land (as side character), She Would Never Know (ML), Extraordinarily You (ML) and a few others that I haven’t watched.


I also found a drama for mature audience 18+ for a change it’s not an idol drama :laughing: It’s about family but more couple’s life, reminds me a bit Sky Castle, the cheating hubby is a piece of work!

This one is also with mature actors, it says R “15” it’s quite an intense mystery and thriller, shall I say it’s about female powers!


I like them both, certainly something for a more mature audience.
We can sit back and think how good it is that we can get by without so much calculation, but perhaps with love or affection, depending on how long this may last in the individual case.


Princess agents, re watching this one
and madam holmes too
secret inspector & joy


Currently watching:
Kind of a boring way to start, but I’m waiting to see if it gets better

This looks amazing, let’s see


My cousin gave me an in-depth review a few weeks ago, and all I can say is that it’s really REALLY bad :grimacing:


Have You Watched
Holiday Inn - oldie
One of my favorites


Noooo, really? :roll_eyes:


I love the shows that keeps you riveted! :smile::smile:


holiday inn, white Christmas, same thing. loved the moview


They are hard to find. I ff a lot but it’s nice to find the ones that makes me feel like the eps are too short.


Agreed! Yup! They are hard to find these days. I hope you don’t have to ffwd the riveting ones. :joy:


SILENT SEA is premiering this FRIDAY ON (shh Netflix ) I just found out it is a short series, not a movie! 8 episodes!

Our Drama Lovers discord group is holding a teleparty (Netflix) Watch Party for the premiere This Friday at 7 PM ET.
Discord invitation link -

GONG YOO in space! On the Moon!

WHOOOO! Hang on to your seats! Excellent Sci Fi!


I will definitely check it out. The one I am looking forward to watching on Viki is “Ghost Doctor”.


oh that one is going to be here on Viki!? cant wait, this friday right? (Ghost Doctor)


Thanks! I checked the synopsis, this is very intriguing! I notice it has a bell. :bell: I have rung that bell :bell: for when all the episodes are in, and completed! Awesome recommendation! :blush:


ok y’all got a question, I recently watched YT and they, I guess you would call it advertised a drama, I have no idea title or actors, but it looked interesting, so here goes. and if you don’t know I do understand!

looks like girl was forced into a marriage, which the guy is crippled & wearing a mask, well he was in a wheelchair. also seemed like he was a ceo of a company. sorry I have nothing else, and another thing, think she was threatened, like her grandma kidnapped, to make her marry this guy

like I said it looked interesting, sorry no detalis about it, going to look into MydramalistThis text will be blurred and imid a coup;le of others too


Do you know if it was Korean, Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese???


looks Korean to me,

here is some info , this is the written beginning in YT

Her family forced her to marry a disabled man but turns out to be handsome man

Dec 16 2021 and a Kristinio Olsen sings the beginning of the drama,
I went back to see if I could find anything else, but this is it.

nope not that one, however will put that in my list.

the clips really look good! I just looked at this clip doesnt have that girl singing it, and don’t see the wedding with the guy in a wheelchair and mask


Is this it???

Oh this doesn’t look Korean though… I’ll keep looking