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Mirror of the Witch, Little Forest, Suspicious Partner, Graceful Family, Listen to My Heart, Heart Signal 2, In a Good Way


At first I thought Night of Hate comments would be healing for them thinking they would create their own support system. And I felt the first episode they tried to do that a little bit more. There were more serious faces when hate comments had to be read. I felt they were supportive. However, I felt then the producers pushed to make it more comical and gimicky and it’s gone downhill from there. Because I feel now that the MC’s are VERY restricted and look uncomfortable about what to say due to guidelines they are given. It felt from the beginning not well thought out like they weren’t sure where they were going with it.

Sulli is super admirable and maybe it was good for her to set things straight. But I feel she is wasted on this show. I do feel sad for her. After losing Jonghyun who also was able to put on a brave face and speak somewhat about things nothing can be assumed about someone who has been severely bullied. You are MUCH more vulnerable even if you get more inner strength because your brain becomes wired to expecting to get attacked. Human beings can be the most awful monsters.

I also agree they don’t need to go on and on about braless, etc although a little just at the beginning maybe was meant to say how silly it was. But if you now use it as a nick name how is that better than the bullying? It’s NOT funny. That’s the point. I wouldn’t want to continue to be called something that a sociopath had come up with. If it’s bad and stupid (the name calling, the accusations) why carry on with it? Just drop it already. I think that’s coming from production possibly. I feel like the others WOULD drop it but I can’t be sure. I’m not really comfortable with this show. It feels awkward and the guests seem very stressed. Although it could be good for them to have the initial support of the others there.

I dunno. It needs to have more seriousness underneath and then they can laugh at the stupidity of bullies a bit. And cheer the others on.


By the way I was bullied all this summer and have called a crisis line several times and have felt I am going to have a breakdown which scared me a lot. So I’m speaking from having been bullied. I’ve been bullied before that. You need strong support and you need to re-build your own self esteem and once you have gotten out the part about the bullying then I feel like you need to stop giving that attention. I mean giving attention to what that stupid person thought. I also was gossiped about but you also have to at some point just say so what? If the people listening to that person believe them then THEY are the one with the problem, not me. I know the truth about that person (the bully).

It’s their problem if they believe gossip not mine. And who cares what they believe? I will just be myself. That’s why I’m not a fan of dragging the bullies accusations of Sulli or anyone throughout the whole show.

The last one I watched, the man on the far left kept saying asinine things that were actually really hurtful. I’m starting to wonder about him and have my doubts about him. He would repeat the bad thing a bully had said but as if it was a fact. Like “Oh! She’s ugly?” but in a way that he’s just found out a fact. It was weird and felt very off and the others gave him covered up weird looks too. But tried to laugh over it. And that’s the problem, there is not anyone ultimately responsible in charge or someone ultimately caring if it veers out of control.


I finished The Man Living in Our House - it’s a nice drama watch, but nothing spectacular I like the actors so it did no harm and was no waste of time for me.
Now, I am watching a drama that has been on my watch list for “eons” - okay a little less time it is - the drama History of the Salaryman. I wasn’t in the mood for this kind of absurd story - but I was ready for some good laugh now, I don’t even need the story that much. I am thankful for the actors who make this drama a blast. Their faces are just priceless, if anyone has watched Giant then seeing so many familiar faces in this drama is a bonus.


I haven’t heard of the history of a salaryman. Will check it out :slight_smile:


I start watching El Hierro now. I hope it is interesting (since I’m in the mood for some crime drama atm).

And I’m looking forward to be able to watch Zhang Yimou’s Shadow.

Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!

Well, I just finished “Novoland: The Eagle Flag” and I loved it. Each episode is like a whole movie. It’s just a pity, that the drama was cut down from 70 episodes to 56 episodes, there are missing some scenes in the last quarter of the drama.

And I’m watching “I wanna hear your Song” which is not that fluffy drama, you may think, when you see the posters. I’m watching “My Mowgli Boy” which is basing on “The Jungle Book” a cute RomCom about a young man from the jungle and a spoiled It-Girl. And “The Legends” with Xu Kai and Bai Lu. Both have a great chemistry. I have 4 episodes left.


Hi, where are you watching?


Hi, I think it’s against the rules to share other websites for watching publicly, but I sent you a pm.

PS. Eu não sei que eu posso falar em português :joy:

(But actually I’m learning it, so it was funny to see my post written in Portuguese suddenly :slight_smile: )


I am going to have to watch this one. seems like I watched before. like one of the guys was the father. something like that. no don’t tell me, ( the … is back)

there are clinical services, and if you are a church goer, talk to your pastor.


Yes it is but from time to time I watch those in YT it was already warned it was very sad and based on a true story. I like those kinds of dramas and cried a lot, too.


I don’t know why you would give me such well-meaning advice? Because life took a turn and I can’t watch dramas like I used too?


No, I don’t think you were exaggerating. You have a right to your opinion and I respect your opinion. It’s really hard to read someone’s intention through an internet screen. I just wanted to clarify that I wasn’t generalizing my comment and why I didn’t agree with everything.

Just FYI, the show doesn’t get more serious, but they do have more guests on it that have had a lot of knetz-backlash and were “internet-bullied”.
Episode 12 features a songer-writer who they refer to as the king of hate comments and he’s the one who made the comment.

I see that the show can seem problematic if you thought that it would be more serious. It’s far from perfect in different aspects. Don’t know how to explain it - I just see it as a way to get to know the guest better and to see how they dealt with the backlash.


Made it through History of the Salary Man, as I said the acting was spot on. Now with such an unusual drama, not the story line, but the execution … I wonder what I will watch next? I will keep you updated … Today I think I will go to sleep early since the last nights were somewhat short.
Those two oddballs I will remember them :rofl:


did I make a mistake? I sure didn’t mean to offend!I thought I was responding to someone.


LOL Mistake? I am sure you were responding to someone, but was that reply meant for me? That is why I was asking you I am not offended, only confused … What in my comment would lead to such a suggestion …


boy, am I embaressed!
Umbrella sad something about being bullied and all, thats why my response. the first couple of sentences of being bullied and calling a help line, I didn’t realize it also was for that Night of Hate,

the next line ,yes ,find that support rebuild the self esteem. btw good words ! so again my apologies.
as for bullying, not just physical, but mental & emotional, been there and it isn’t easy to rebuild unless you have support.
and why would they make a show like that anyway and make it funny??
I liked man living in our house slow for me the cast was great. loved Mr kim, watched that 3 times, still like Healer, just finished lie to me again, Watcher, was ok, just something missing.
so next time read them all before responding! so hope I am forgivin and have a great day!


I just watched D-Day - thanks to the Viki Bot - I was too … I couldn’t sleep - I kept watching and watching. I liked it, some things wouldn’t stand reality but it’s a drama fictional, so I don’t mind too much. Doctors and disaster a good combination for a bit of a thrill. Little romance - if you wanted to know.
(Guess how I feel about Viki Bot)

I started with big issue, looks quite stylish at the beginning.


@angelight313_168 D-Day? I guess they wanted to close the circle from when they were running through the dust in the beginning holding hands to the end. But with all the other editing (cutting) closing ends for the other characters it fell a bit short.


watching wanna hear your song, awesome drama, mystery, suspense, a bit of romance, its all there! the cast is awesome too. never got to watch D-Day, maybe if I find it I will watch