What are you currently watching?


Shades of Blue is amazon prime, the other two are TV ( & local TV but I guess it may be available elsewhere as well).

Better than us <= this one is on Netflix, started it yesterday and it’s so thrilling (only stopped because I had to sleep).


I’m watching> --’‘better than us now.’’ Different …needed more action


Yes, I like them both so I would recommend them :slight_smile:


I like it, the action was in Shades of Blue :smiley:

Did you already watch all episodes?


Thanks :slight_smile:


I just finished all 16 episodes of Better than Us now I’m watching SHANGHAI FORTRESS and the special effects are amazing.

Better than us was a great story it just needed more action but I love the ending and the ‘‘bloopers’’ at the end are even better!

I’m waiting for new episodes here for --’‘Welcome to the show’’ but the subs also takes for ever…:frowning:


@ sonmachinima

PS. I’ll watch the rest on your list once I find them bc I search and can’t find them and ''ALEXA" keeps directing me to other similar titles (names) dramas.



[I’m currently watching **Night of Hate Comments** . It sounds bad, I know, but it’s also sort of cathartic in its weird nature. I recommend the first episode to get a feel for the format.]

I’m up to episode 3 with this show which I like quite a bit, but can’t stop criticizing bc it needs so much more for it to be really effective. It needs professionals in that group (counselor/ psychiatrist etc…) besides the cast. they have
The older lady can be harsh at times and they don’t need that there she needs to go or change her tune already. In my opinion she’s hurting ppl. just as much as the bullies.The one who’s always next to sulli, I totally disagree with having him in that show bc he’s not positive enough and don’t give great/good advice, to the contrary, i feel he criticize more than encourage them.

They need to add clips from the actors/actress/singers past life performances, a small short one bc they assume everyone knows all of them (I have never seen many of this ppl shown there and they have been acting/singing for over 20 years!)

Also the clips can connect us with the painful moment the actor went through (Like when actor/singer) had to admit to the press that he had a daughter and his parents registered the baby as his sister. That moment in the interview must have been filled with so many emotions.

I HATE how they try to make it funny to criticize sulli ( she doesn’t need that) she’s too susceptible and we already know she tried to commit suicide! They have to walk on eggshells with her, this is no laughing matter. They always mention how she’s called a druggie and it makes me so angry I can scream.

I prayed so much for this girl to overcome her pain but this show needs improvement Pronto! In order to help sulli, and the many victims from bullying it needs to change many stuff in there. Anyway, I requested to be the Spanish moderator so far, no answer yet.


I really don’t think that this show was meant as an actual therapy session, more like a light-hearted banter with people who’ve been through the same things.

Kim Sook is reading it that way, because that is the way they instructed her to read it (in later episodes, she explains this) and Sulli actually does it now too. They make jokes about their nicknames and you can see that they like each other.

If they were to add counseling to the show, I think it would change the whole concept of the show and the guests would actually get more hate for it from the knetizens. If they are really hurt by what is said, they should get professional help off-screen, because that would be more effective.


It would have been great to have actual doctors and law(wo)men who explained and warned about such things. Feyfayer is right, though, in that this is more of a comedic type of show. They actually took the format from YouTube (a fiery pit of the most disgusting comments on the Internet) and added Korean celebrities to the boiling mix of hot lava. They do offset the bad comments with good ones, at the end, to mend the broken heart, they say. They give out some prizes too. It’s all in the name of entertainment, of course. No harm in it, I suppose. I do understand that some may feel uncomfortable with it (please don’t ever go to YouTube).

Umm… Actually, Sully is a BOSS. She’s wonderful. She’s laidback. She’s confident in herself. She’s funny too. She carries the entire show. She’s honest about her past, stating that she’s doing well now, especially on Instagram. She’s left her agency, after years of zero activity with her group, and she wishes to release a new solo album. Frankly, I would love to see her in a new drama. No reason to worry about her, really. Let’s cheer for her instead :slight_smile: :mega::sparkler::tada::confetti_ball:


Again, as I said, and as @adrianmorales expressed, this is more of a comedic type of show.

And the people who go on this show can afford the therapy. I just watched episode 12 and one of the guest admitted to going to a psychiatrist because of the way he was affected by the hate comments. Good for him. He learned how to deal with them.

My comment only referred to the guests and mc’s of the show, so it’s not fair of you to generalize my comment to people who fall outside of the spectrum. And frankly, since I majored in Psychology in university, I stand by the fact that getting help off-screen (or through online therapy sessions) is way more effective then getting an one-time general advice through a show that isn’t focused on an individuals’ personal experiences. Even psych students get individual therapy sessions from professionals, despite the class-sessions being very therapeutic in nature.

I’m really sorry about what happened to you and I hope you have had the chance of getting therapy or at least have a person you can talk to about it. If you have such strong emotions about this show, maybe it’s better if you don’t watch it, as the format you desire isn’t what this show is.

It’s a pity that society doesn’t place an emphasis on mental health as much as they do with physical health and it should be affordable for everyone.

That was my take-away too :smile: Was worried for her after she left f(x), but she seems to do much better now.


Making shows that do not respect these aspects/problems doesn’t help either.

When this show’s purpose is to make fun of people who have suffered by bullying such a show shouldn’t be broadcasted. Same goes for all the trash shows we have in our local TV stations that also do make fun of people with problems.

Society and people’s minds won’t change when certain things that do need respect aren’t respected.


The trash shows here are usually called documentation soap so some might be scripted or at least not always biographic.about the protagonists…


To get back on topic ~

I wanted to add Little Forest to my list. It’s a variety show where 4 hosts look after a group of children between the age of 4 and 7, so they could play and interact with nature.

It’s absolutely adorable! The children are so cute and the way the hosts interact with them, not having children themselves, is also adorable.

And 3 meals a day is something I look forward to every year now :slight_smile: This year it’s a mountain farm and the cast is all-female, so it’s interesting to see the changes compared to the previous years. It’s just fun to look at.

Waiting on Journey to the West to make a comeback, although I’m not sure if they will come back with the scandals that are happening… oh well.


Do you mean the movie? That’s an extremely sad one T.T


Mirror of the Witch, Little Forest, Suspicious Partner, Graceful Family, Listen to My Heart, Heart Signal 2, In a Good Way


At first I thought Night of Hate comments would be healing for them thinking they would create their own support system. And I felt the first episode they tried to do that a little bit more. There were more serious faces when hate comments had to be read. I felt they were supportive. However, I felt then the producers pushed to make it more comical and gimicky and it’s gone downhill from there. Because I feel now that the MC’s are VERY restricted and look uncomfortable about what to say due to guidelines they are given. It felt from the beginning not well thought out like they weren’t sure where they were going with it.

Sulli is super admirable and maybe it was good for her to set things straight. But I feel she is wasted on this show. I do feel sad for her. After losing Jonghyun who also was able to put on a brave face and speak somewhat about things nothing can be assumed about someone who has been severely bullied. You are MUCH more vulnerable even if you get more inner strength because your brain becomes wired to expecting to get attacked. Human beings can be the most awful monsters.

I also agree they don’t need to go on and on about braless, etc although a little just at the beginning maybe was meant to say how silly it was. But if you now use it as a nick name how is that better than the bullying? It’s NOT funny. That’s the point. I wouldn’t want to continue to be called something that a sociopath had come up with. If it’s bad and stupid (the name calling, the accusations) why carry on with it? Just drop it already. I think that’s coming from production possibly. I feel like the others WOULD drop it but I can’t be sure. I’m not really comfortable with this show. It feels awkward and the guests seem very stressed. Although it could be good for them to have the initial support of the others there.

I dunno. It needs to have more seriousness underneath and then they can laugh at the stupidity of bullies a bit. And cheer the others on.


By the way I was bullied all this summer and have called a crisis line several times and have felt I am going to have a breakdown which scared me a lot. So I’m speaking from having been bullied. I’ve been bullied before that. You need strong support and you need to re-build your own self esteem and once you have gotten out the part about the bullying then I feel like you need to stop giving that attention. I mean giving attention to what that stupid person thought. I also was gossiped about but you also have to at some point just say so what? If the people listening to that person believe them then THEY are the one with the problem, not me. I know the truth about that person (the bully).

It’s their problem if they believe gossip not mine. And who cares what they believe? I will just be myself. That’s why I’m not a fan of dragging the bullies accusations of Sulli or anyone throughout the whole show.

The last one I watched, the man on the far left kept saying asinine things that were actually really hurtful. I’m starting to wonder about him and have my doubts about him. He would repeat the bad thing a bully had said but as if it was a fact. Like “Oh! She’s ugly?” but in a way that he’s just found out a fact. It was weird and felt very off and the others gave him covered up weird looks too. But tried to laugh over it. And that’s the problem, there is not anyone ultimately responsible in charge or someone ultimately caring if it veers out of control.


I finished The Man Living in Our House - it’s a nice drama watch, but nothing spectacular I like the actors so it did no harm and was no waste of time for me.
Now, I am watching a drama that has been on my watch list for “eons” - okay a little less time it is - the drama History of the Salaryman. I wasn’t in the mood for this kind of absurd story - but I was ready for some good laugh now, I don’t even need the story that much. I am thankful for the actors who make this drama a blast. Their faces are just priceless, if anyone has watched Giant then seeing so many familiar faces in this drama is a bonus.


I haven’t heard of the history of a salaryman. Will check it out :slight_smile:


I start watching El Hierro now. I hope it is interesting (since I’m in the mood for some crime drama atm).

And I’m looking forward to be able to watch Zhang Yimou’s Shadow.


Well, I just finished “Novoland: The Eagle Flag” and I loved it. Each episode is like a whole movie. It’s just a pity, that the drama was cut down from 70 episodes to 56 episodes, there are missing some scenes in the last quarter of the drama.

And I’m watching “I wanna hear your Song” which is not that fluffy drama, you may think, when you see the posters. I’m watching “My Mowgli Boy” which is basing on “The Jungle Book” a cute RomCom about a young man from the jungle and a spoiled It-Girl. And “The Legends” with Xu Kai and Bai Lu. Both have a great chemistry. I have 4 episodes left.