What are you currently watching?

I plan to watch Time Between Dog and Wolf in the very near future. I love Lee Joon Gi!


Just watched this one, it might not be up to par with The Imperial Coroner but if you enjoyed that drama this could be something for you. @frustratedwriter


It was and loved it, wish there was more like these two,

what I am watching now

  1. Desire Catcher - Episode 4 | Rakuten Viki

2.The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty - Episode 4 | Rakuten Viki

3 Back From the Brink - Episode 29 | Rakuten Viki

4 Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader - Episode 1 | Rakuten Viki

5 Brain Works - Episode 1 | Rakuten Viki

6 I havent started watching these next two, so to ask y’all has anyone watched them yet, and are they like the earlier one Cinderella chef, girl trans port to the past??

Cinderella Chef Season 2 | Mainland China | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️ a season 1 also

I am beginning to like that fast- forward button more and more.

some of these are rewatches.


impressive list

I am only watching one at a time now

Did you see this one? I have not seen many of them, but it is under recommendations at MDL

There is one in the mix that will be available by tomorrow … Hope you find something new and something you’ll like

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I’m now watching my first J-movie on Viki! :smiley:
Thanks to (⁠*⁠❛⁠‿⁠❛⁠)⁠→the below opened topic, and the subsequent posts. :wink:

June 16, 2023. Check this opened thread’s quiz! :grinning:


Good one…


Hope you like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So far, yes, I do. The first part is a bit rushed into them kissing. It needs a prequel to get their connection developed. :wink: Otherwise, it’s like a hot flick, it makes it feel like the audience missed a part of their story.

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don’t think I am able to mention where I am watching this one, but nine tailed fox, 2&3, first couple of episodes were kinda stupid I thought. But still going to watch them

so again why doesn’t Viki find a way to get those licenses for these dramas? I can’t believe its all that hard. I do hate going to other “places” to watch various dramas!!


I am watching this one on Viki, just started it, and its quite a cute one,

kinda reminds me of Business Proposal ■■■■■

this one also, going to rewatch that as well


If you saw a lot of shows like this one, I mean about firefighters or rescuers and such, it surely has same repetative tropes or even storielines, if you are still an avid fan of such dramas and don’t want to miss out, it can still pull you through with camaraderie and romance but do not expect too much on the latter, as even in love this one also puts camaradie in relationships first, the focus surely is on the “devoted” firefighter and his hardships in life and love. Should you be fan of Allen Ren/Ren Jia Lun then you might not want to evade it.


yes I have watched a bunch, like the same story line, and did like all those dramas, the one recent, really did like that one

I got another one, something about the mountain rescue, I don’t think it was light chaser rescue, yeah same story line
there are quite a bunch of them , well Allen Ren is one of my faves, but I can go on with it

and guess I will be watching Blue flame assult again


I just saw another drama, and thinking about watching it. BUT my thing why do these people want to create a bullying drama,oh I know the story ended well but its the idea of the story (boys over flowers)

I have watched the others, so guess I am going to watch this one too. Maybe they have a bit of difference here


How is Please Be My Family? Still not sure whether to watch it…


at first didn’t care for the first couple of episodes, but it got better, wait till you get to episodes 15 &16!!
it does get better

oh and the little kids are awesome!!

the guy does wind up falling in love with her, and there comes the but…

[/spoiler] I really do believe you will like it…

ok I got another question first, why do or did the Japanese cut their hair like they did example the samurai’s, cause there’s a bunch like this in the drama

next, I found a drama on, and if I mention where its at , Viki will blur it out, it was called The Magi, and it’s a Japanese drama, and the way the beginning, this was a true story, Japanese, I was amazed! about 1590, this guy comes from Portugal, and goes to Japan, anyway later another priest will send 3-4 boys to go see the pope!! I am just on the first episode so not able to tell you much about it, but it looks so interesting!!

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I haven’t watched Fantastic girls, looks like another to watch

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It’s a very beautiful movie.
Don’t forget your tissues !

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ok will do!!

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