What are you currently watching?


I am not a fan and think she is not a great actress, but it has nothing to do with her personal life; she’s just not that good. (oops, did I type that out loud? :smirk:)


Well, I feel better now. Leave it to me to bring stuff like this up. LOL.



So did I. One of the best jiejie / noona dramas :smile:


As I mentioned before - it’s their private life, not my business. The last drama of SJK I watched was from 2012 and the last one from SHK was from 2008. Okay, that’s a fib, I watched Encounter, but only because everyone was full of praise for the drama and I felt like I needed a vacation on screen, therefore I watched it not really for the actors or actresses.


Like Lutra said, it’s none of my business, so I have no bias against her and I think she gets an unfair share of hate just because of her personal life.

I haven’t watched any recent dramas of hers, I think. DOTS was the last thing I saw her in. Thought it was an okay drama.


Yes - the private life - is none of my business - I didn’t care for her before that - I have American actresses that rub me the wrong way - I can’t watch their stuff.

However, PBG is so good in Encounter I will watch it again - I can’t get through DOTS though - And I love him - but I’m going to try


Ok gonna admit that I was not sure about the ML in Monthly Magazine Home - He is not my type really - but man - his character is growing on me. I loved him in Another Miss Oh Hae Young.

Go to Hottie Posse to see some photos> I’m not putting them here!



I really loved DOTS, but I have to say I didn’t like SHK’s character alllll that much. I preferred the second female lead, Kim Ji Won’s character.

I also think I might be a little biased because I lowkey agree with @stardust2466_546 :flushed: I know I have no right to think such things, but I had read lots of interviews and stuff for Encounter because I couldn’t believe she did a drama with SHK’s best friend and then I got sucked down the celebrity-news rabbithole… and felt kinda bad because SJK’s dad took the whole blame on his and SJK’s head and Bo Gummy also got pulled into the scandal.

Oh well, I shouldn’t say any more. Both took quite a hit.


As per normal, I’m a little late to the party. Just finished Scent of a Woman and man oh man, I did some really ugly crying during this one! Lee Dong Wook was fabs (shower scenes were pretty awesome! among other things) and remains one of my favorites. I loved watching the growth/development of the SFL. I could identify somewhat with this drama as my Mom had cancer. In the long run, even though this was a supreme tear-jerker, I’d watch again.


You just finished that one right after me! I loved it! What a Classic - that Tango! Whoosh!


I finished this easy flick for a happy movie night! Has good fighting action and hilariously funny scenes!
Kim Young Kwan should get more screen time, haven’t seen any dramas with him lately…


Ooh I liked that movie! Just a light, funny flick with a few kpop references :joy:
his latest was Hello, Me!, a noona romance.

not into noona romances so I didn’t watch it.

I really liked him in Secret Life of My Secretary(2019)… that was a pretty good drama. He’s not just a “face”, I liked his acting, too.


Ohh I loved The secret life of my secretary, it’s one of my favorites!
I just finished “Run On”, but I have to say that I didn’t enjoy it.
And start over again with Go go squid 2, I had it on hold, waiting for all the subs to be ready.


This is considered a noona romance? Huh. I didn’t mind it. A fairly middle-of-the-road rom-com. It had some pretty funny scenes.

Edit: Why in the world did it turn that quote into a huge link? :grin:



Probably something to do with first place :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What did I do now???


Not a thing, a ling, a ling :smile: I read the synopsis, and your question, and put two, and two together, :joy: I think I got four as the answer :wink::joy:


I’m watching and subbing a Thai (Lakorn) Drama for a change. These are somewhat different from other dramas. It’s a rom/com drama, the FL is funny, plus you get to see Thai culture :wink:


This was originally a drama from Taiwan, there was another Lakorn inspired by the Korean drama My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, will it become a trend? I am not used to see this happening in Lakorn Land … They used to have their own stories, but maybe since some stories were produced for the 3rd time already, they are trying something new, not necessarily bad.