What are you currently watching?


I agree with you on the FL.


I have so far not finished DOTS - cuz of that. I love SJK though.


The rational life.
What a cute mother-son relationship :smile:


I have been in real estate this I might really like! VIKI picked it for me…


I recently finished this. I enjoyed it.


Oh my gosh - this show is HILARIOUS and the staff of her office are a RIOT! So Funny Eps 1.
Monthly Magazine Home

This show I think is going to show what “HOME” really means!


Just finished “The day of becoming you” and I love it!!!

Currently watching:



This is a good one!! I love how both the leads kick butt together!! :heart_eyes:


I just finished Mr. Ling, and Run On is one of my favorites. Where can one go to watch The Day of Becoming You? I am a big fan of Steven Zhang.


This is also a favorite. (I have a LOT of favorites, haha) Allen Ren really suits that character, and the two of them together are such a great team. I love teamwork!


I’m loving Mr. Ling so far. You can watch The day of becoming you in IQIYI (all the episodes are free now)

I am a big fan of Steven Zhang

I know!! me too!


That’s good news. It will be going on my list! I’ve liked him in everything I’ve watched him in.

Also, dare I say to be prepared to pull your hair out at times with Mr. Ling. There are some characters that are doozies. But overall I liked the show, mostly because the main couple, as well as a couple side couples, are extremely cute.


I have to recognize that I stop watching Mr Ling for a couple days to watch Steven Zhang :see_no_evil


Finished Encounter last night. It was okay (not a throw your laptop type of drama) but I think it would have been better with a different FL. I just don’t groove on SHK. I think she is a bit flat with her acting. And I can’t help thinking she was the reason her marriage to SJK went south, MHO. So there’s that bias on my part too. Park Bo Gum was precious! I loved his character!


SAME SAME SAME SAME SAME! You said it! But I’ll watch it again for the brilliant Park Bo Yummy! Gosh when he CRIES - I die!

I have gotten in trouble for my bias against when it comes to SHK -




Do we all feel this way about SHK - ???


I was thinking that I was the only one, but no hehe