What are you currently watching?


try 12 legends, that was quite good, I never finished it due to other dramas, mysterious, etc.


Just finish love is science and lovers of the red sky. before that was love and redemption. Has anyone watch Jiu Liu Overlord?


Just finished writing a “review” of Jirisan. I’m only two eps in, so it’s hard to recommend it as a must-see at this point.

However, it resonates deeply with me because of my family history. I’ve never seen a K-drama quite like it, but it certainly “feels” like it’s going to go on my “top ten best K-dramas ever” list.

To say it’s beautiful is an understatement.


Just finished Never Twice. I’d totally recommend it to people who like family dramas. It’s heartwarming, funny and adorable. I love the concept of Nakwon Inn - “a place for lost boats to dock in as they weather the storms of life… and then go back in the world once they’re stronger”

The arcs were quite nice. The two chaebol daughter-in-laws in a bitter power struggle who finally start to love each other like sisters. The married couple who go through thick and thin together. The two gold-diggers who realize life isn’t all about money. The spunky widow who stubbornly tries to uncover the truth behind her husband’s death. The chaebol who falls in love with her. The old man who’s held a torch for his old lady for 50 years. The adorable little baby who brings everyone together. Well written and fun to watch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As much as I would like to watch, I do not have a source, this is the curse of MBC dramas. SBS there is a chance for the “normal” weekdays drama, KBS there is a chance for the “normal” weekdays drama plus the weekend drama, plus some daily dramas.
But MBC in Germany is …


Aww, I hope things change soon!


yes I did Jiu Liu overlord






Ooo! This movie is a thriller-seat-grabber! YIKES! :scream: :fearful: :grimacing: That bad guy is scary, horribly brutal, BAD!!!
This movie is not for kids. But it’s very well made. AND!!! It is Bo-gummy’s first movie! He has a small part at the beginning. We just finished segging it now. It came with English subs so you can watch it already.



Anyone Watch This??? Sounds Fluffy and Cute



I saw this movie and is so sad! I cried a lot. Prepare. tissues people; it’s a heartbreaking story.
At least the ending makes up a bit for all the pain you go through watching this story that I’ve seen a slight different versions from different countries.


I’ve been mondo busy - too busy to binge on J- and K- dramas - but back from the frenzy and looking for something new.

Japanese culture is much more interesting to me than Korean - and I’m studying Japanese so immersion in the language is important - and still frustrated at the comparative sparsity of J-dramas on Viki. But I’m happy to see that some new ones have been added, even though most of them are (* groan *) Rom-Coms. “You, Me and Bach” is another Rom-Com, but the context of music will hopefully make it more interesting - and hopefully lots of great music in the soundtrack.

I’ve been agitating for Viki to add some more-serious Japanese dramas in other genres - medical dramas like “Doctor X,” “Voice” and “Iryu,” detective shows like “Joker Yurusarezaru Sosakan,” mysteries like “Subete ga F ni Naru” and “Biblia Koshodou,” my fave school-bullying thriller “Life” (which I’d really like to see again and introduce my friends to,) the bio-drama “Ryomaden,” and paranormal X-Files-type shows like “Galileo” and “Trick” - so hopefully some departures from the Rom-Com genre will happen eventually.

But relieved to finally have the time to dive into something new. So Bach it is!


what was your take on it?


overlord is quite good, some scenes slow or boring, but its a drama about this girl stealing a golden thread which is valuable to the guy, and a lot of stuff develops and a romance too. I think you will like it


I’ds love to see more Japanese dramas too. they took some of the older dramas off, would love to see them back on here, can’t find them anywhere


Maybe it’s because j-dramas have only recently been suddenly added to Viki… Since the rom-com genre is most popular among viewers, they might start out with those and then slowly branch out into other genres.


I’m currently watching Yumi’s Cells and Hometown Chachacha… I’m loving both! Especially Yumi’s cells is so much fun to watch!


Vivi, I may be wrong, could have been on that other link that folded, but I thought Gallilao was on here, Mr Brain, and that weird detective that acted like sherlock, a few more but thats just a few I can recall


I finished this one Saturday afternoon. It was rated fairly lowly by viewers (8.1) but I’m glad I watched it. It had a bit of a ‘throw your laptop’ vibe to it as the mother was an extremely controlling person when it came to her children. Unfortunately, in that kind of climate, they grew up to be really messed up adults. The ending was not happy at all and required profuse usage of tissues. I’m guessing this is why it was so poorly rated. I understood going in that this was a work of fiction, but these kinds of outcomes do happen in real life, sadly. It had nice eye candy with the two actors cast for the ML and 2ML. :wink: