What are you currently watching?


YES! The scenery is so beautiful!

I love the story bc is so different and I love the actress in all her dramas and movies. Sadly, I read her husband left her, and my heart is broken for her, but she’s a tough cookie and she’ll survive this and much more. Love her and wish her the best.One of my fave and wonderful actress!


DO you have the twitter link you can give me? I closed my account on twitter so I don’t know how to access twitter.


Viki (@Viki) / Twitter

I don’t have my own twitter account either, I just go to theirs once in a while. They post lots of clips of current dramas and previews for upcoming things. It’s a good resource, IMO.



Thanks a bunch! I just bookmarked it to check more often from now on. I hope you are watching Jirisan it’s awesome so far!

By the way, I would love to know if JIRISAN means something like beautiful mountain or something like that… or it’s just a name. Anyone knows?


I know ‘San’ means mountain, but I don’t know what ‘Jiri’ means.


@angelight313_168, @my_happy_place, 산 (san) does mean “mountain” and 지리 (ji-ri) means 1) knowing the difference, recognizing the difference; 2) if a foolish person stays there s/he becomes wise.


Thank you for that @choitrio. What an interesting name for a mountain. I’d go visit to gain some wisdom if I lived there.


I hope you like it - It gets heart wrenching in parts - the romance is all through eyes and gestures and chivalry - not a kissy romantic show but oh so romantic!!! The characters are amazing!!!




Thank you so much! You are always so helpful I couldn’t decipher the meaning in full, but found that word [Jirisan] to sound so beautiful, and that’s why was curious about the meaning.


I am on episode 1 at the moment


Jirisan’. and as for this, the guy in the hospital since 2019 so when did our girl get injured. oh can’t wait!! for next episode!!


I am on episode 3 going on 4, looking good so far, and really not bad!! so I will watch it again tomorrow! the long ballad


@angelight313_168 You can also check their TV Guide,… be careful though, it seems to be a deep, dark, highly protected secret that must never see the light of day :roll_eyes: It’s a calendar of release dates of every new episode of every drama on Viki.

Just type “Viki TV Guide” in your search engine. I still don’t know how to find it while inside the Viki-verse.


On Wednesday I received 2 Viki’s notifications saying: Jirisan Ep 1 & 2 English ubtitles are ready. Watch Now! Although it was as “coming soon” or premiere was for Oct 28th, on Thursday. Episode 2 is still on “coming soon” and ep 1 is indeed subbed at 95% and not 100%. - It seems there are 2 pairs of shoes working at Viki, and why would they send out these notifications if it’s not available… are they at all aware of this? I will make a post at Help Center…

Jirisan first episode shows great photographic takes of the natural environment surrounding Jiri and the mountain itself. The fall foliage reminds me a lot of New England foliage and in particular New Hampshire including the mountains, riverbeds and falls. Korea has indeed beautiful places to explore! - If you can’t visit Jiri go hiking in New Hampshire the White Mountains :heart_eyes:


How weird that they sent out notifications when it wasn’t really available. Has that happened before or just with this one?

And what a gorgeous photo!


Yes, with LTRS I mentioned it also when I first received the notification I posted the screen shot there.


I don’t think this is true… There were divorce rumors this year but Jun Ji Hyun’s agency denied the rumors and said they would take legal action against those who spread it. I’ve always loved her little family. She and her husband were childhood acquaintances! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh I hope you like it - if you catch up to us we will start Eps 26 or 27 on Monday as a watch party! If you can handle us crazy people!!!



working on it


yes a gorgeous picture!!


Anyone Watched This one??? I love the 1940s and 1930s I am looking for more! Like Chicago Typewriter


yes it was quite good, some scenes dragged a bit, I watched cause allen was in it!, and I don’t remember the ending!! oh gosh guess another on my list!!