What are you currently watching?


I am liking a lot so far…

This one with zombie girl and she’s very funny girl.

I’m going kind of slow with this one bc is same story plot I’ve seen dozens of time before, but I like it a lot bc of FL/ML combo


I loved it - it is a HEALING drama - I fell in love with Joon!!! His character is so needing of love. But there are some HARD things to watch when it comes to his family - If you watch it let me know what you think!!!

This is my review on VIKI


I’m excited to see Bae In-Hyuk - I really enjoyed Kiss Goblin. And just meeting Park JI Hoon - what a great actor - I love a good bromance & hope that Joon is able to find what he is looking for & what he needs. I don’t usually watch university or school shows but I think after seeing that these actors are here - I will have to give this a try. So subtitles are on their way - I am holding on tight…I love this so far. But such loneliness in the two ML characters! The rich ML - so cute - smiles with so much inner conflict underneath. Poor ML won’t let anyone get close to him and the FL is hard working, yet not able to apply herself like she would like in her studies, as hard as she tries. She is stuck between the two of them although she doesn’t know it yet. The rich ML is so darn charming - just completely charming and he works so hard at it. Being popular isn’t always what it is cracked up to be - most popular people are quite lonely. I look forward to seeing these friendships develop as you can already see such pain and conflict going on within the budding friendships - they need each other. This story especially the dynamics of the ML family - is crushing and sad. The music, cinematography, placement and relationships are so real and powerful. I’m in tears. I need more of this show! I absolutely love it and Joon & all the emotions that are intertwined between the characters. I think they ALL have to LEARN something from one another. This is definitely a healing drama so many of the characters have so much trauma - that they need to heal by leaning on one another. I love how broken people can help other broken people - Heal!


Just finished this. Great for people who are pursuing their dreams and need motivation. It does center around swimming for the most part. Almost all the characters are swimmers. The leads were great. Their romance is a slow burn and never really goes above it. It’s subtle and in a supportive companion kind of way. There is a lot of character growth for our ml. His character is the main focus and the plot revolves around him more. I really like Dyan in this. He brought out his character well. Seven Tan is also great here but her character was more of a support.

The parts I didn’t like:

For the parts I didn’t like was the fact that this could have easily been a 24 ep. drama. They had some unnecessary subplot that was dragging the story. Specifically the part about “Little One” or whatever they call her. They made her character sound as if she was some kind of saint. A wronged Princess sleeping in a coma. Here I thought she was possibly an ex that ml was hung up on. That she was wrongfully misunderstood or something. When the truth was finally revealed I really hate her character. I don’t know why the writers gave so much emphasis on her existence. Both her and her brother have some issue about being obsessed with people that don’t like them. They were extremely selfish.


I’ve started watching At a Distance, Spring is Green, currently at episode 8. I’ll let you know when I finish.


I was looking for something short and sweet, so I gave the KBS drama specials for 2021 a try. It turns out these are lovely little bite-sized chunks of really good storytelling.


I hope you love it as much as I did!!! I fell in love with JOON - such troubled heart and his 2 friends!!! Aw a good healing drama!!!


Just finished

For some reason, I’m not happy with this show, but as always is a matter of personal taste lol

Currently watching

My mom and I are enjoying it a lot

I said that I was going to start Love and Redemption but…

and I just found myself starting


I have started

I found the first two episodes very entertaining, I laughed a lot.:rofl:
As usual, the child actors are amazing and Junho is here :heart_eyes:


I did not care for Red Sky either so you are not in the minority!


Continued on to Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book / Eternal Love of dream.
Might as well watch the sequel (actual adaptation of the book) after Ten Miles of Peach blossom / Eternal love :laughing:


I was waiting more of it, it start kind of going down during the eps 13 or so


I have watched it and I love it lol
Did you watch Love and Destiny?


Was that the prequel series?
Idk if I’ll watch it :woman_shrugging:


Yup, it’s really good
Hope you’ll enjoy it


just wish Viki would get licenses for new dramas on here!



why do they have some of these girls not much head knowledge?

most of these, I didn’t ever finish them, sop thought I would this go around, I am rewatching most of these again 2nd time


Iam watching backstreet rookie and loving it.i love to watch a drama laugh out


uncanny controller again, I like it ,no brainless girls


Has anyone been able to watch She Would Never Know? I love Rowoon and am trying to find it streaming somewhere. I think it came out earlier this year.


At iqiyi. After a few eps it got VIP status, but maybe that’s no langer the case.


Started Fall In Love and it’s so good… the acting and directing is a little lacking, but the plot is interesting. The drama is REALLY intriguing. It’s the first time I’ve come across an ML like this… he fascinates me to no end. Sometimes I want to slap him and sometimes, well… :sweat_smile:

But I’m soooo conflicted about his character… this is the first time since Flower of Evil that I’m agonizing over whether to let myself fall for the ML.
This comment describes it perfectly: