What are you currently watching?


This is another drama I “forgot” to keep watching :flushed: This only used to happen to me with c-dramas but I can’t believe it’s happening to me with k-dramas!! I want to finish both Police University and Dali but I just end up forgetting or losing the will to continue!


I will try. Might have to rewatch from the beginning since it’s been a while.

I enjoyed this one so much! It’s romcom with melo undertones. The fl is adorable and she’s strong minded without being stubborn. The ml seems silly but he’s playful and caring. Love them together!


I have watched at least 3 dramas

and the very endings is awesome, and kinda spooky , but still loved it, think there was another one but at the moment don’t recall. but I do like these endings, not going to tell you, you just have to watch them


Started Eternal Love / Ten miles of Peach Blossom


Ooh I’m going to start that one soon!

One more movie!

Okay this was so good!! Son Ye Jin, Park Hae Il and the rest acted the HECK out of their roles. I cried so much at the end. What a princess. The airport scene was one of the most touching, heartbreaking scenes I’ve witnessed. Though the historical part was very interesting, I was drawn to the fictitious parts— especially Kim Jang Han.

I know Kim Jang Han’s character isn’t real, but as a story character, my brain just can’t fathom what he went through. As a work of fiction, I still would love seeing everything from his point of view since it’s sure to be more grittier— working as a spy in the Japanese army, then as a journalist under a government he didn’t support… the things he did, his stubborn determination, his total one-track mind from the moment he got engaged to her I just can’t handle it. This is one of those shows where I felt so acutely for the characters that every hit was a stab to my own heart.

If you’re a Kim Jae Wook fan, you might have your heart broken, but I’m not a big fan so his character didn’t hurt me much(the fact that I was head over heels in love with the ML is probably another reason LOL).

8/10 for me. I’d recommend it to history lovers. I cut two points because I live in a world of fantasy and cotton candy and unicorns, so the ending didn’t completely satisfy me.

For those of you who are wondering if it has a tragic ending, it does not. It’s a clear-cut happy ending.


Ten Miles of Peach Blossom: Very good drama. Some parts were a little wacky (IMO) but still a good watch.
The Last Princess: Very good drama but the ending was soooooo sad. Definitely worth the watch.


Whenever there’s CG, I turn on the TCs to see what people are saying about it. Most of it is pretty funny.

I just wish that rewatchers wouldn’t put so many spoilers in the TCs :neutral_face:.


trying to finish some too. I do have a few more but this is enough


Don’t miss out the fun…

@my_happy_place: correction like you said before, it’s on PRIME but since I always log in to NTFX I thought it was on Netflix. GREAT SERIES> the waiting is painfully long, but so worth it!


Agreed. I’m no good at waiting. Especially for shows that leave you on the edge of your seat like that.

The funny thing is, I have read the book series, but I genuinely can’t remember anything about the story other than the characters themselves.


Oriental Odyssey became a hot mess towards the mid-end. I couldn’t finish it.

I watched it for Janice Wu. Not her best project but it does show how she improved since then.


Overall, it’s better than the Chinese remake, but there were some parts I liked more in the Chinese one(Lobster Cop). The cast was wonderful… Honey Lee, Gong Myung, and Lee Dong Hwi are hilarious together. And I loved Oh Jung Se as a drug overlord :joy: Nice action scenes, but some went on for too long, IMO.

8.5/10 recommend for an action filler-type movie. It’s very funny, but there’s lots of cursing, so probably not the best thing for a family night.


I planned on watching that later :smile:


This one’s also really good… better than Extreme Job, IMO… I gave it a 9

Kim Rae Won is a really handsome actor! Some of the nicest gangsters ever :joy: Loved the movie, and the Ma Dong Seok cameo. I liked the ML’s character.


I put it on my list. Thanks! :smile:

Yeah, he has such a nice smile :blush:.


I rarely watch variety shows, but since I like the theme about creative writing … This one picked up my interest. In the past I took up a lot of creative writing workshops since it isn’t possible for several reasons, not only that V-thing, so it is a nice change. Somehow I can’t hurry through it, like in the past I took the workshops once a week or once every two weeks. It somehow gives me a bit of “itching fingers” as we say in German, don’t know if there is an equal English quote. Let me know.

I think it is funny to see actors debate about cliché and kissing scenes, or even the plot …
If you want to try something different. I just needed a drama break, so this came at the right time for me.


yeah I have also started the wheel of time as well


So after watching the latest episode of Happiness, I’m trying my best to watch River Where the Moon Rises . But as usual I still can’t get into period / historical / costume dramas. That and the whole memory loss plotlines just aren’t sitting with me.
Any suggestions on new material to watch in between episodes of Happiness?


Have you watched SEARCH!!! So good!


This was 2020 though

NEW and on AIR and TOP RANKING but Historical
I heard good things
Heard good things
I don’t do school dramas but I LOVED this one

Mystery/Crime Collection


I’m curious to At a Distance, Spring is Green, because you’ve been promoting this show. :slight_smile:

During a watch party I saw the first eight episodes of An Incurable Case of Love, but I hadn’t finished watching it (10 episodes are available). During the watch party I was reading the chat and also finishing some chores, so I missed some parts, like (when the FL discovers the woman next door is his sister), so last week I rewatched the show and now I’ve seen the whole show including the last two episodes. :slight_smile: (the coma was a shock).

Yesterday, I’ve finished watching They Kiss Again. I’ve been postponing the last two episodes, because the show is so cute and I didn’t want the show to end, but now I wanted to clear my watch list and also I wanted to watch the ending before I would forget what was happening in the last episodes. It’s an old show, but I’m glad I could watch it (not on Viki though). I expected you would see her old friends in the last show, but this didn’t happen, but still it was a good and fitting ending.

The shows I’m currently watching are:

TharnType (ep 11 of 13)
Loveholic (2005 version, ep 1 of 16, started watching this since this morning)
Bad Buddy (ep 6 of 12, waiting for new episodes to air)