What are you currently watching?


its ok if you arent ok, I think I said that right. wow what a drama, and does have my\some of my favorite actors & actresses in it.(NF) can’t wait for next episode!

and my girl, I think its chinese version, hereon Viki , and shes another did???nowdisassotive and so on, yuck spelling isn’t so great there, how about multiple personalities? the antics are hilarious!


You are not watching WAS IT LOVE? OMG that one is awesome so far! I want Wednesday to get here just to watch that one. It’s OK, not to be Ok with that fate crap is getting thin on me But Episode 9 and 10 were a masterpiece. I cried a river…


oops forgot to put that one on, yes was it love too. really good so far


And you’re not watching Meteor Garden either? It’s so good!


I started watching yesterday but now i know why it wasn’t for me.


Because of the young people?


YES! you know me already lol

PS. It’s also a remake of BOYS OVER FLOWERS and once I like one version I hate all the others they re-make.


I haven’t been able to find meteor garden! Boys over flowers was ok, I just hate bullies, oh I know it turned out fine but gosh ,

I did find meteor garden, on third episode, and watching was this love


angelight, really do like meteor garden. thanks


Lol, @angelight313_168 didn’t like it. I was the one who suggested it, hahaha. :wink:


hahahaha I’m not the only one confusing everything. I went out today got off the car, left it ON and was going to leave home when my son tells me; ''Mom, the car is on? I go and check; Keys in the ignition and of course A/C blasting…hahahaha THIS IS THE SECOND TIME! Last time it was my daughter with me. I need to NOT go out on my own anymore.

On that note, a news reporter today at the end of the program they usually say their name and SHE couldn’t remember her own name! The co-worker told her (laughing though) ‘‘we’re going to the Hospital as soon as we leave here…’’ They think this has to do with the virus also. They have specialist doing neurological testing. It’s affecting the brain, spine, and in some people the heart. We both tested NEGATIVE so …we might be one of those asymptomatic that tested negative but maybe we had it, too. I mean we’re having weird symptoms (she was complaining of feeling confused and going around in circles in her house).


I’m confused with the days lately, but I guess that’s not so strange when most days are similar.
Btw, stress and depression can also cause memory loss, though it usually starts with the short-term memory. Either way, I think lots of people have been suffering from stress lately.
But better safe than sorry, so it’s good you got tested. :slight_smile:


well on the third episode, now I am beginning to wonder if I should finish it or not!


I’m on episode 30 by now and I definately plan to finish them all. :slight_smile:
Anything you don’t like about it? :thinking:


I’m watching ‘‘TO ALL THE GUYS WHO LOVED ME.’’ on air at rviki…dragging but more bearable.
The same scenes/ actress gets drunk makes a fool of herself/barely remember the day before.

They go on business trip and play ridiculous games.

Such a waste of talent in a repetition of scenes that in 7 years I have seen thousand of times.

Hoping it gets better since is just starting. Episode 6 so far…

Just finished episode 6 and guess what? The nerve of them!!! The girl ends up carrying the guy in her back (she is tall and strong) But how humiliating must be for that good looking strong actor!) It’s SUCH a turn off both ways.

PS. Watching Was it Love? on NTFX I just hate when I love a drama so much! Totally different and cast simply amazing. Check it out guys and if u like it, request here, ok?

I already submitted a request. Thanks!

PS It also has several scenes of drunken women making fool of themselves. YOU can never win it all.


wok of love,delicious chicken, went back to healer as well,

finished the other two from Netflix, any none watched Train yet?

are we watching tunnel in a train? I do plan to watch it, sounds interesting


I just finished watching Skate Into Love for the second time. I like watching the good ones all the way through once reading the English subtitles and with the comments off then afterward I go through the second time and read comments. I’ve seen Ashes of Love and Sweet Dreams and really enjoyed them. Next up I’m finishing up Go Go Squid for the second time and The Flame’s Daughter for the first time. I just started watching films from Asia on Netflix in April of 2020, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I’ve seen 21 so far that I really enjoyed and I’ve got a list of 40+ that I want to see.


Flower of Evil” premieres on July 29 and will be available on Viki. Looking forward to watching this one!!! Two great acting figures in a thriller. Check out Soompi summary of it



A Chinese movie that is awesome! Check it out!

Don’t miss this one 4 episodes ONLY