What are you currently watching?


Twogether. It’s really funny and sweet. Watched 3 episodes and didn’t expect to like it so much. It’s a variety show where Jasper Liu and Lee Seunggi travel around, playing games to win clues to meet their fans.


I saw the trailer for that and it did look really good. I’ll have to check it out. I love seeing new places. Thanks for the suggestion. :grinning:


I looked at what people were saying about the program and a lot of people had trouble with episode 1, because they are still getting used to each other and they have the language barrier, but they get more comfortable with each other and learn to express themselves in a mix of Korean, Mandarin and English.

I didn’t mind episode 1 at all, I just thought that they were getting used to each other.


It’s really a good show but I don’t get why they don’t bring females too. They’re kind of bland bc they both at times a bit way too shy. They needed back up girls like Asuzy Bae/others.

They definitely need to improve their English; is annoying to see them stutter so much trying to say certain words and we the viewers waiting until it comes out. They have a good idea in regards to the show, but they need support from other cast bc them two so far are kind of slow.


I don’t mind their chemistry and I don’t think they needed other cast members either. They balanced each other out well. Also, they started to understand each other better through learning small phrases here and there in Korean / Mandarin and used body language, which is interesting in itself to watch. I was surprised at how much of the Korean / Mandarin they spoke with each other I could understand.

Yes, it is slower than variety shows like Running Man and 2D1N, but I don’t mind the pacing. In my opinion it is faster paced than shows like three meals a day.

I also didn’t have a problem with this. When switching between different languages it can take a bit longer to find the right words. I thought it was quite realistic in this regard and might give people who are afraid of speaking English (or any other language), the confidence to do so.


This is a great movie and I hope many go and check it out. I cried and love the ending. It has a bit of violence and strong subject but is nothing that we don’t see in the news in the real world.


Go Go Squid again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I thought it was quite realistic in this regard and might give people who are afraid of speaking English (or any other language), the confidence to do so

You are so right about that and have a good point there. I only saw episode 1, and refused to continue but I’ll check other episodes later on and see what’s up. I’m used to seeing shows that go with the the flow, but I know you are used to them since you have seen so many. I have seen several but I always drop them on the first episode. I was subbing one show, and was bored to death so I dropped it. I don’t know if the translation in English was messed up but they laughed and were having the time of the life but I didn’t get the joke most of the time.


I’m new, sorry for the dumb question, but what is (NF)?


It’s not a dumb question at all. It means Netflix. But that’s of course a rival of Viki, so we don’t talk about it too obviously and we’re not allowed to share links that lead there.


In one of the comments in Go Go Squid they were saying that the stars won best actor and actress for their performances and I looked it up and it has won a lot of awards. I can see why. It is one of my favorites. It might be a little hard to get past the first episodes but it is so worth it.


I don’t think that they necessarily mess up the translation (although it isn’t perfect), but sometimes we miss certain cultural aspects or the way that the word was said in Korean (or other languages) makes it funnier. That’s why I try my best to listen to the words they say even though I don’t understand 99% of it, but when I get it and the context behind it, it becomes much funnier.


I was wondering about the flower of evil, looks like another one to watch. oh and btw, I just really didn’t understand go go squid, I know it was about gamers and all but guess I got stuck on episode 2.
and she knows everything, I got stuck again


LOL I salute you, I think I made it 20 minutes something into ep 1 and I really wanted to give it a try, guess it isn’t meant for me at the moment.

Lee Jun Ki whatever he does, I will at least give it a try.


thats why I thought I would give it a try, Lee Jun Ki


Don’t know the guy, but I’m also considering watching Flower Of Evil.


LOL You must be a real hoobae in K-drama haha, or didn’t get to see older dramas, or you only watch true new rom-coms …

No access to everything though, sigh


Wahaha! I first came to Viki in 2018 (account since 2019), so I’m probably your hoobae. I’ve also been wandering off to Japan and Taiwan, haha.

OMG! I didn’t see any of the shows in his list! Guess I’m not passing the exam … :rofl:

Well, maybe I just specialise in the things that nobody else watches. :wink:


There’s also something that bothers me about them and is that they put the ppl they invite to the show down with their comments/jokes. Just recently they were criticizing a young girl bc she was ‘‘chubbier’’ and u know they don’t say it in a politely way. They call other’s offending names (fat, pig, ugly etc…), and they laugh like it’s so funny.

I hate when they do that especially to the young ppl. bc they tend to have low self esteem, and with the high rate of suicide in that country I feel is best they tone it down or write a script since that show is more joking as they go along in the show.

Don’t get me wrong I tried really hard to understand the way the culture interact but i just can’t accept it so I couldn’t work on it anymore.


Im watching Flower Of Evil and the fist episode was wow just wow.