What are you currently watching?


Go Go Squid is one of my favorite cdramas! True, it’s hard to get past the first episode, but after that, it’s truly an amazing drama. I binged all 41 episodes in a matter of 3 days (with breaks of course) Go Go Squid was lighthearted and lots of fun to watch.


It’s finally here! Lee Joon Ki and Moon Chae Woo. Great chemistry from episode 1 and HOT KISS on first episode. Amazing! The story will shock and break your heart but is really different and it is what it is…:open_mouth:


Go Go Squid is about a first love and going after what you want through all sorts of obstacles. The guy is into CTF (Capture the Flag) cyber security thing for hackers. It is like a team sport. The female lead has no clue about that but is into artificial intelligence. As most of these shows it gets better and better. No blood and gore.


Second time around was fun too. There is a lot of wishful thinking talk about a second season.


I found one that was awesome, its on amazon prime called dripping chocolate, talking about edge of the seat and twists, awesome drama! just finishing up, and t6he killer was not who I thought it was!


Dripping In Chocolate
Thanks for the suggestion. I just finished watching, and it was awesome! I made a request to have it here at RViki. Filmed in New South Wales Australia, and what a gorgeous scenery it has. The bridge looks like it disappears in the water. Amazing!


Just started watching Ju-On.



[Into the Night] is awesome! I don’t know if is Russian, French, or Dutch but I love this drama. I’m already starting episode 5, and will make a request to have it here too.

[Ju-On] I had to stop watching bc is too gory/bloody but knowing myself like I do, I will go back to finish the rest. I stopped at husband/ cheating wife bloodbath. The fact that it happened in real life scares me more to watch. The little girl was too much for me, and can’t get that painful scene from hurting my heart.


I just looked it up: It’s Belgian. :slight_smile:

I watched all of it. But some scenes were indeed horrible. Like the girls who helped and encouraged that guy to rape that poor other girl. That men do this is one thing, but your fellow girls? and also that fetus crawling towards that man’s bento in prison.

According to this site the claim that it is based on true events is not entirely true:


could you explain that Ju-on origins before I check out Netflix

ok I watched that news, the true stories and real-life references, sounds interesting. I will check it out then


It’s Japanese horror, so it’s weird … and I think there’s some scenes you would want to skip.

It is a spin-off of the Japanese Ju-On movies, some of which have American versions, called The Grudge.

The first American Grudge movie was a remake of this Japanese movie:

The film stories have even been made into novels:

Ju-On: Origins is just 6 episodes of half an hour, so I watched it in 2 evenings.


I saw THE GRUDGE with my kids in the movie theater,and we scream so much,but we laughed too bc the fear made us laugh and we couldn’t stop. The other movie we laughed hysterically was Final Destination that’s the way we react to fear and ppl accused us of being


BTW that’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer girl


I’m not even sure anymore whether I saw it in the movie theater or at home … I saw the Japanese version at home, in the time when MTV broadcasted all those Asian horror movies … The American version I’m not sure anymore, though, but I did see it.
And I just watched The Grudge 2 on YT. :slight_smile:
And now that we’re talking about American remakes of Japanese movies, I saw The Ring in the movie theater when I was living in Finland. I went there on my own and after the movie I had to leave the theatre through the backdoor (the main entrance was always closed after the last movie) and take the bus back to the remote part of Helsinki that I lived in, and walk from the bus-stop to my house. Quite brave of me, now that I think of it, hahaha. :wink:

Ah, yes, Buffy! :sunglasses:


The Ring (2002) I saw at home when my then husband rented the movie and i can’t believe you was able to do that all alone after watching that movie; YOU ARE VERY BRAVE. I felt terror with this movie and to this day I regret watching it bc I had many sleepless nights and nightmares back then, I hate when I see similar scenes on the TV or during Halloween.


Not Blood or Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo… Both of these shows recently became VIP before I had the tame to watch them through for the first time :expressionless:



And some others too.


A lot of the dramas are becoming ‘‘restricted in your region,’’ too. This is giving me a weird vibe. We are so limited now to what we have access to watch and worse yet, i’m seeing old dramas here with ‘‘new teams’’ when this dramas were fully subbed in the past. I saw one dated from 1998! In all honesty these are dramas that very few will have any interest in watching. What gives?

They should let the viewers request old dramas, and then make them available here. I wonder who are requesting such old dramas and going through the trouble of resegmenting and subbing them and why?

Currently watching; FLOWER OF EVIL> SO AWESOME!!! (SO FAR>>>)


I was really impressed with “Love Me if You Dare”. So glad you’re enjoying it.


Recently finished Romance of Tiger and Rose and Mystic Popup Bar.
Enjoyed both but Mystic Bar surprised me. Not what I usually watched but ended up loving all the characters.