What are you currently watching?

Ohh, I started to watch it too, but haven’t finished yet. A bit slower, but still great to watch

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Just sharing my all time favourites, never was so invented into a story

Beyond Evil | Korea | Theater | Anschauen mit englischen Untertiteln und mehr :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)

and of course the one and only

Maus | Korea | Theater | Anschauen mit englischen Untertiteln und mehr :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)

This looks so weird the links in German advertising English subtitles :rofl:


didn’t realise :rofl:

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back from the brink, just finishing the last episode. was watching this and there was one actor, I know I saw him play elsewhere. I hate it when Viki doesn’t put all their dramas on here, anyway, I had to go to MDL and I found him, he played the detective from the Ming dynasty. love that show, and really enjoyed watching him on this drama, hope to see more of him!!


I flat made a mistake on this drama, It has more episodes, just found out!! so yeaaa, got more to watch on this one! It so reminds me of a drama I have watched before, I was thinking I have seen this one, but can’t because it came out this past month.

YES! I loved Heal Me ■■■■ Me!

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I’ve found a golden (?) oldie drama somewhere else. It’s called Time between dog and wolf, it’s an action series from 2007 starring Lee Joon Gi, Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Sang Mi in the lead roles. Even in 2023, it’s still a good drama imo. The pace is not very fast, but also not too slow. I watched 4 episodes so far, and I think the story will really pick up from episode 5. The first 4 feel more like trial and error episodes for the ML, which is realistic since you can;'t always succeed from the beginning, so I’m curious to see what will happen in later episodes.


would you believe I am watching Sleuth from the Ming dynasty, think it’s about the fourth time for me, guess in the past 4 years. but I think it’s cute!

been a long time since I have watched time between dog & wolf as well, I will check it out today.

trying to find something to watch while Back from the brink gets more episodes, got 20 more!!!

hmmm, heal me ■■■■ me also watched a bunch of times, may just check that one out too.

I am flat getting bored!!

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I just watched that here a while ago!

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good show… :face_with_monocle: :pensive:

I would like to watch it on Viki, but it’s not available in Europe :frowning:

If you like Prison Playbook watch Doctor Prisoner it is awesome.

John wick chapter 4

I just finished Youth of May and I cried a lot at the ending. I’m currently watching Clean with passion, which I’m watching cuz of Lee Do Hyun haha but I’m hoping to enjoy the drama. Looks funny and I like the actress.

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I plan to watch Time Between Dog and Wolf in the very near future. I love Lee Joon Gi!


Just watched this one, it might not be up to par with The Imperial Coroner but if you enjoyed that drama this could be something for you. @frustratedwriter


It was and loved it, wish there was more like these two,

what I am watching now

  1. Desire Catcher - Episode 4 | Rakuten Viki

2.The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty - Episode 4 | Rakuten Viki

3 Back From the Brink - Episode 29 | Rakuten Viki

4 Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader - Episode 1 | Rakuten Viki

5 Brain Works - Episode 1 | Rakuten Viki

6 I havent started watching these next two, so to ask y’all has anyone watched them yet, and are they like the earlier one Cinderella chef, girl trans port to the past??

Cinderella Chef Season 2 | Mainland China | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️ a season 1 also

I am beginning to like that fast- forward button more and more.

some of these are rewatches.