What are you currently watching?


so true, was done really well !


I didn’t even know they had the story it in books. Those outfits and make up are awesome. The special effects are 10+ This movies were so good I can re-watch them again hopefully they don’t take it out too soon.


even the bookks are AMAZINGGG! I was a terrible bookworm before getting into KdramaLand, and I was CRAZYY about the Hunger Games series…the plot was sooo different and even though there’s a lot of politics, even THAT is interesting, I love how the suthor makes her point.
And yeah, it was a star-studded cast idk how MUCH i cried over Finnick, who was one of my absolute favourites. (the actor always seems to be dying in his movies…hunger games and then Me Before You :grimacing:)


Is disgusting how in ‘‘American’’ shows, movies or soaps they are killing many of the characters too. My daughter stopped watching them (she likes cops shows mainly) bc she says they are killing one or two of the main leads before the season ends.


I finished up a drama, another one I didn’t think I would like, boy was I ever wrong!

Missing: The Other Side,
and still wonder if there was another drama like this one, sounded so familiar. not the del luna, or mystic bar

If I say anything afraid it will be spoilers, but only one , “Thomas” looking into the camera, like he was saying good bye, OH MY GOODNESS, I almost cried! need a second season another season of missing people. come on another season, how about it??

to reply to y’all, I haven’t watched an american drama in quite awhile , and Emolie was an English one, but the dramas now days are really bad, I don’;t like watching them anymore.

there are a lot of good English ones out there (not DR Who) that are edge of the seat kind, just like I finished this one, wow edge of the seat even if it was ghostly. at least they don’t kill everybody the english that is…the last episode, of this one, that has to be a way for another season!! and well thats enough, can;t give this stuff away.


I’m watching Stranger. Such a well written serie :clap:


you on #2 yet?


Were you asking me? :grin:
I just started season 2


I love Stranger series 1 but part 2 didn’t caught my attention. Let me know how you like it. I’m watching BLACKLIST this is a wonderful series and each episode are full of action packed scenes. Hope u check it out. Also [The Barrier/ La Vaya] which I believe is from Spain subbed in English, that drama is really good and different for a change.

I started here at

I might hate the ending but love the different story plot and I’m hoping for a happy ending.


please do tell me if it has a happy ending, I too wanted to watch this one…
Also, I’m thinking of starting Go Ahead as my first C-drama. Is it a good one to start on??


ps you will be amazed at the ending, not gonna tell,


yeah season 2 was kinda dragging and yes boring in spots. but you just gotta watch the ending,that in all is worth the watch!! it was a good ending and you know me, I like good endings, like I said at this one very ending, it is worth the watch, aND NO CHEATING FASTFORWARD…

and where is Blacklist? you mentioned Go ahead, is it here? found that one.

got to find moon lovers,bout time to watch agaon

just finished “missing, the other side,” wow talking about the mysteries, twists & turns, this to me was an awesome drama, the actors did a good job, and the action shots too. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in this one, can we have a second season? and the ending was fantastic, kinda 0f a hint of a string, but depends on how you look at it and only 12 episodes, don’t want to say too much cause will give stuff away, the last bit, Thomas looks at the camera, opens the door, , goodbye, and I almost cried! do watch it.


Yeah, I just watched the first episode and it feels different, like the writer or director is different this time. I didn’t check though. I’m trying to find the Easter eggs in the series, like in S1. I’ll look forward to the ending :smile:


Yes, it’s a different director. Not as good as season 1, but I still really enjoyed it!


yes I liked it, the guy you love to hate has bneen kidnapped and all, but alls well at the end. yes some parts were like I mentioned above, its the very last you jkust gotta watch, ah different director, so thats why it wasn’t as good as #1


BLACKLIST is on NTFX. I will skip to the end of stranger 2 bc I saw 3 and1/2 of part 4 episodes, and I fall asleep from the boredom lol


yes very boring in spots, ok go to the end then. let me know what you think


Can you believe I fell asleep again? I’ll try to finish it today. I’m watching right now Record of Youth and this episode [11 and 12] became very interesting to watch.


I have finished this drama in 3 DAYS! That tells a lot about that drama ^^
I should add that it was a long time ago since I binge watched a drama.

PS: I LOVE THE CHEMISTRY! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


That’s such great news bc you sound very happy which hints i have nothing to fear about the ending. Thanx


Zombie Detective, 9-tailed, Chuno - bite sized pieces though, trying not to binge watch too much.