What are you currently watching?


found out that drama ten tailed fox will be on today or tomorrow. so glad! not quite subbed though, but thats ok though, can watch some of the zombie dete3ctive, on episode 5 not quite ready yet. so I will go to another one, on the other side, up to episode 2 wow! awesome, wasn’t there another drama something like that one? oh but its good!! ( maybe ghost detective?)


Watching this really cool and i read the ending is awesomely great. Finally Chinese writers are over the tragic endings bc I saw another drama that had great ending


love maiden holmes, I have jkust got to startt watching Enola holmes on Net flix! just finished the legend of the phoenix, dance of the phoenix and started the song of the phoenix.


Private Lives is wonderful k drama it just started on NFX, and also EVIL (American TV show) It’s scary bc is about possessions but I love it.


wow you really seem to love phoenixes!!!:joy: (is that the correct plural? idk :sweat_smile:)


It’s phoenices. :slight_smile:


what mirjam said. do you know the legend behind that bird? fire/thunder bird? they die then resurrect, the stories I watched was something like that, some a tear jerker.

a p/s here, course beginning tale of ten tailed fox, oh! his eyes! also zombie detective.


ik right!! Lee Dong-Wook totally suits fantasy roles!
What are your first impressions from the drama??


it kinda reminded me of one scene of goblin, where he saved the girls life ,aw the goblins wife, sorry! but as for this drama, I really hope it does our fella justice, I really like the character, and no lipstick!! Lee don wok, is fantabilous of course! now what is next, so I hope he will be a good fox (yeah comparing to my lord fox) well I call it that anyway. always memories come into play, and time. so will have to wait for the next episode!

I just thought of something else, his “brother” I guess is he the one that played on boys over flowers?


Can I put this here? This is actually something I am studying/researching. Pls don’t mark me as spam LOL


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I changed it! Thank you for pointing that out :smiley:


ok y’all if you want something funny, different, you just gotta watch Elona Holmes!! so I am going to be a “wet Blanket” question if anyone knows. In one of the episodes of Sherlock holmes , there was his sister and seems like she was a bad one and they had to lok her up. and I guess I should check it out myself. but did that girl have a name, thinking Elona. but was it?

b ut really y’all should check this Elona Holmes out it was very good


do you mean Enola Holmes, the 2020 Netflix movie?


I saw it. It was indeed a blast to watch. I have a hunch this will become some kind of series.


No, that was Eurus Holmes :wink: (if you’re referencing season 4 of Sherlock)


Well, there are a bunch of novels and the first was titled “the case of the missing marquess,” so maybe they will do the rest of the books?


thanks for the responses, and for that fourth season name, and for a series, wow now you know we hate strings left, we just gotta find out about her and the guy! will she be a detective like her brother. oh that sounds sooo exciting!! and feyfayer, yeah now that you mentioned it, I do remember them

vivi yes 2020 movie


I’m watching THE HUNGER GAMES and I never thought it was such a great sequel on ntfx. hope you guys check it out.

Dying to see the new episode of Zombie Detective although is such a weird, too unrealistic drama.


Oh my, that is one of my favourites, both the books and the movies!! I loved the plot as well as the superb acting :heart_eyes: The director has done an amazing job making the movies almost EXACTLY as I had imagined while reading the book. Really well done