What are you guys currently watching?


I’m watching it on ‘another’ site. I do wish Viki would license it here, however. I almost didn’t watch it because it isn’t on here. Facebook has the first episode, I think


I recommend it. As I was watching the movie I realize that I had already watched it before, but it was still fun to watch till the end :smile:

I still randomly sing the Totoro song from time to time :rofl: They have so many great movies. I do have to warn you for grave of the fireflies though. It’s heartbreaking.


wasn’t circle here befpore or did I wastch it on DF? this was a good drama! I [;do plan to watch that tiger & rose, maybe first episode todsay.


Lol it is so catchy! I found the piano sheet music for it, but it’s too advanced for me so I’ll just stick to singing it too!


I only had DF for a little while and I didn’t explore it very much so I can’t say if it was there. I’m going to fill out a request form for Circle right now before I forget.


finishiong up my list. as for circle, has anyone tried you tube? I haven’t looked either


wow im watching 365 REPEAT THE YEAR, all 6 episodes back to back and now taking a break. REALLY great drama I am so pleased i checked some out and found that twisted gem.

PS On episode 9 took a nose dive, and now on the road to disappointment. Makes absolutely no sense at all since I thought it would be based on resolving life’s issues but all these ppl dying is just so pointless.


hi all
I would like the Chinese drama miss true to be broadcast on viki drama it is super cool on the trailer. Thanks, have a good day





That is nice, but to request dramas you need to use this form


I tried, to no avail :pensive:



[Youtube] has become a money grabbing site, too. Years back, they used to offer many movies/dramas that viki didn’t have for viewers (example: Cinderella and 4 knights/Oh my Ghost), and I watched them on YT, all 16 episodes, fully subbed, long before viki site had them available (many months later). But now…NO such luck. If you don’t pay, you don’t play. They kind of tease you bc they’ll have the first episode (sometimes) and when you try to watch the second episode is time to take out the credit card.

I used to look for the dramas in Spanish bc they had so many available and fully subbed in Spanish but they block and delete their uploaded videos, so even that won’t work for me anymore. Everything is about getting viewers to pay if they want to see any videos which is so messed up. I did noticed they have a lot of Chinese and Tagalog language videos fully available but they’re not ‘‘my cup of tea,’’ either.

[The Circle] I only found a trailer video on YT, and of course the links to pay to be able to watch it. I have no interest to pay YT since I already have so many other options (all legal). The illegal sites are so dangerous someone gave me the info to one site and although I got to see the ending episode of the drama I also was harassed by porno ads connected to that illegal site; Never Again! I learned my lesson.


Indeed! YouTube is more and more going after our money (not getting mine though :stuck_out_tongue: ). And not just movies, even some songs that have been available for years, are now only to be listened to by paying members.
Oh, and then that irritating “Are you still watching?” message, that can be controlled on your phone, but not on your laptop or desktop … Grrr! Okay, there is software out there to go around it, but that means whoever created that software has access to some of your information, so, no thanks. Though I must say I haven’t seen that message in a while … would they have abolished it? Let’s hope so.

Indeed, most (though not all) illegal sites get your screen full of pop-ups with pics of women with large breasts or “warnings” that there’s something wrong with your computer … I avoid those sites like the plague. Even if the pop-ups would be pictures of handsome Koreans, I would still avoid them, cause they mess up my computer or at the very least my ability to even enjoy the movie/series.


If you use an android phone it’s Google/Youtube anyway and when you watch it with app you’re probably logged in so they can track you (or if not it may work with some kind of cookies).

I rarely watch Youtube on phone and if I do watch it I use the Firefox app instead of the Youtube app. I think I didn’t get such messages then and could also skip the ads (I cannot watch stuff with ads all the time it is too annoying; I even stopped watching the TV stations for many years now bc of that and only watch TV stations that do not have any ads (or just 30 seconds before and after something starts), an ad-free mediathek or via streaming pages like VIKI, Netflix, … (although I pay for amazon prime they put ads between each episode too, that is so annoying so I almost stooped watching prime shows too - unless something is really good but that is quite rare).


right here, I just didn’t ever watch it but the the rebel that stole the people. a fantastric cast, and just started watching it today, story of hong gil dong. didn’t know that so this is what I will be watching for awhile


It’s a great drama! Glad you got around to watching it :smiley: The OST is pretty cool imo, and the acting is fantastic


and another I have forgotten feel good to die, I have seen that quite some time ago, I also love classical dramas, perfect partners, again the classical stories has some history, but y’know they have to add fiction to get us to like it and of course some fantastic actors in all of them

and Helenama73-911 on 3rd episode, awesome is all I can say!


I have requested a lot lately even some of the older ones


That twist is incredible!!! Omgsh!!!


glad you liked it!