What are you currently watching?

I have finished Goodbye My Princess https://www.viki.com/tv/36177c-goodbye-my-princess It was a nice historical drama but felt a little cheated by the ending… I have not finished Return the World to You https://www.viki.com/tv/35725c-return-the-world-to-you


Just finished “Find me in your Memory” and I love it! Such a great drama. Watching Born Again, my ship is drowning…:sob: But a thrilling drama! Finished Three Lifes, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book 2 weeks ago, my heart! What a wonderful drama and such a great chemistry between the leading couple.

And I just started The Mystic Pop-up Bar, it’s a bit confusing, reminds me for Hotel del Luna, I’m not sure, where the journey leads to, but I’ll give it a try.


Planning to start watching Mystic Pop-Up Bar once finals are over.

I finished the short drama How to Buy a Friend–I binge-watched it in one day, haha.

I also finished watching the first season of the anime Mushishi. I am not an anime person, the only anime that I watched before Mushishi being a few Studio Ghibli films. However, I am absolutely enchanted with Mushishi. Once the libraries reopen, I’m planning on getting my hands on the manga series.
Here’s a fan-made trailer if anyone’s interested. I watched the original Japanese version with English subtitles, so I can’t say anything about how good the English dub is.


an almost same start, they commit suicide at yhr very beginning., a lot of foul language, I hope this will be a goods drama. and find me in your memory its good so far. is this anoter memory loss theme?

I watched the newer one. I got to episode 31 and quit. Literally nothing was happening and it was super frustrating. All those great characters wasted. I am currently watching Ancient Detective on Viki, and it is actually incredible. Have you heard of it? It’s a newer show, so they are still airing episodes. It’s highly rated, and for good reason. The acting is superb, the music is stunning, and everything is made with the highest of dedication and passion. You care about the story just as much as you care about the characters, and things move at a very good pace, unlike Investiture of the Gods. I highly recommend this show!


OH you just got to finish that, yeah I wanted to stop too, cause fof the repeats, BUT theres a twist you just cant miss!! barbaro…

I have decided to watch oh my baby, still wonder why a 39-year-old woman wants a baby, see my discussion for the question. anyway, I have apologized for my comments, hey been there done that, experience. the actors & actresses are some of my favorites. the first episode, the lady turns to the others( which are younger)and says “I am your future,” you have to watch it to understand that. anyway, my laugh for the day!! so this is my watch for the day, just 5 episodes for now.

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I have heard of it, not watched it so far, but I just put it on my list. :slight_smile:

I was almost tempted to stop watching find me in your memories, but I didn’t, now it intrigues me, gotta finish it now.

I am watching two cops again, for the 3rd time, was so funny
the other is firey priest, another funny but serious one. getting kinda tired of the historical type onjes for now. scholar that walks at night, 3rd time around, still good to me face of the king, about tempted to rewatch chief kim, that was funny too. ,

stockholm_syndrome I don’t recall watching good bye my princess, think I will look into that one today.
finished watching ancient detective, and the ming detective, my roomate a detective too.

per my other discussion, about that mystic bar, looks like we have a restaurant that opens at night, and well I havent gotten very far with it. but seems like its going to be a good one, its here on Viki, a new drama.
anyway y’all have a great day! P lan to get out doors some today

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I’m watching

This is an awesome MOVIE that is 2 hours long but it feels like is just 1 hour since it’s so action packed. A different theme for a change with a perfect ending. The movie has STIGMATA (USA) and CONSTANTINE (USA) combination very well done because it merges and compliment both themes. BE AWARE this is a religious theme movie. NOT for the faint of heart some scenes are very strong and stomach turning (JUST like I love them).

This drama on the other hand gives me a feel of another drama we had a while back and I just don’t get why they repeat stories on dramas. Another rich CEO (most likely will fall in love) with the careless, unattractive poor secretary). The only thing I like is the main guy isplaying his role really well.

On Netflix I’m watching The Mystic pop up Bar

Some people compare this drama to Hotel Luna but is NOTHING close to Hotel de Luna. It has a more comic side to it (both older actors are the best in that department), is mixed with tender loving moments.
I highly recommend this drama because every episode is entertaining, full of action and so well made. DON’T miss it!. It’s amazing how gorgeous the girl from ‘‘She was Pretty’’ looks here. I think the scalpel of a skill surgeon had his way in her face (definitely her nose and lips) and did a PERFECT work of art in her face (she was pretty from the get go but she just enhanced her beauty).

The drama is so good I watched each episode twice.


Switched to some series I haven’t watched in a while, like doctor Who.
Also some Ghibli movies, like the cat returns :smiley_cat:


I´m finishing up Circle, so far I really like it. I wasn’t very impressed with Yeo Jin Goo’s acting in Hotel Del Luna, but he does great in Circle.

I’m currently watching Romance of Tiger and Rose. Although I have been wary of romantic comedies for a while, instead preferring the serious dramas, I am enjoying this Cdrama. The reversal of roles is done in a satirical way, but that’s what makes for the comedy side of the show. The female lead is independent, but not annoyingly so.

I have yet to watch that one! I’ve seen Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, When Marnie Was There, My Neighbor Totoro, and Up on Poppy Hill. I actually did my Film and Television 101 essay on Spirited Away and my English essay on the book When Marnie Was There.



I’m intrigue with Circle bc so many ppl has mention it. They have it here? I can’t find it here or on NTFLX. You have the link? if it’s here.


I’m watching it on ‘another’ site. I do wish Viki would license it here, however. I almost didn’t watch it because it isn’t on here. Facebook has the first episode, I think


I recommend it. As I was watching the movie I realize that I had already watched it before, but it was still fun to watch till the end :smile:

I still randomly sing the Totoro song from time to time :rofl: They have so many great movies. I do have to warn you for grave of the fireflies though. It’s heartbreaking.


wasn’t circle here befpore or did I wastch it on DF? this was a good drama! I [;do plan to watch that tiger & rose, maybe first episode todsay.

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Lol it is so catchy! I found the piano sheet music for it, but it’s too advanced for me so I’ll just stick to singing it too!


I only had DF for a little while and I didn’t explore it very much so I can’t say if it was there. I’m going to fill out a request form for Circle right now before I forget.


finishiong up my list. as for circle, has anyone tried you tube? I haven’t looked either

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wow im watching 365 REPEAT THE YEAR, all 6 episodes back to back and now taking a break. REALLY great drama I am so pleased i checked some out and found that twisted gem.

PS On episode 9 took a nose dive, and now on the road to disappointment. Makes absolutely no sense at all since I thought it would be based on resolving life’s issues but all these ppl dying is just so pointless.

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hi all
I would like the Chinese drama miss true to be broadcast on viki drama it is super cool on the trailer. Thanks, have a good day