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Artist: 화사 (HwaSa)
Song: LMM (English Translation)
Album: María
Year: 2020


Tomorrow’s us is faint
The wind makes each other hurt…

Comfort me

Do you wanna get some more
We just lost sight
Do you wanna go somewhere
We only try to avoid it
Ya-yi-ya-yi-ya-yi (x2)
Even if we try to take more
We just hover in the same place

Past us is distant
Our hearts just become black

Like the world is going to end
The sun sets
Into the long darkness
It feels like we’re going to get thrown away
Ya-yi-ya-yi-ya-yi (x2)
Even if we try to take more
We just hover in the same place

Our sight is just lost
We just try to avoid things
Ya-yi-ya-yi-ya-yi (x2)

Flowers bloom even in the falling rain

Credits to: @ch0sshi



Sechskies’ 지금. 여기. 다시 concert! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


These guys are LEGENDARY !! I wish I could share a famous MV of theirs, but it’s mostly ladies here. Yeah, it contains some pretty naughty words. :sweat_smile:


They sure are. :sunglasses:

Their biggest hit, old version:

New version:

One of my personal favourites:

Their most recent hit:


I don’t know if I’m right here :hugs:
Maybe someone can help me,
Which film does this song belong to?

He has a beautiful voice, I find :heart_eyes:




Thank you @mirjam_465 :hugs:

I just needed to read :sweat_smile::joy:
As the saying goes

Who can read, has a clear advantage :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


With Chinese, English and Vietnamese in one sentence, it’s easy to get confused. :wink:


:wink: Danke :heart:
Ich geh dann mal gucken, was Guardian so zu bieten hat :grin:


This song is stuck in my head and all that tutting is impressive :smile:

Don’t know if we would’ve gotten these songs (so soon) if Wendy (Red velvet) hadn’t fallen off the stage. I’m happy she can rest and recover while her group members are doing other things.


Starting in about 7 hours:


JYP duet with SUNMI - When We Disco


And next Wednesday another one at 9 JST:


I included the MV for this song because I think it’s funny. I laugh every time I hear this song because of the MV :smiley:



Sun Woo Jung Ah (선우정아) performs “Crisis” from OST of “Stranger 2”.


Czech National Symphony Orchestra performs “Stranger 2” Overture.


ラルクアンシエル (L’Arc~en~Ciel)!!! :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cherry_blossom:

You can see them “grow up” in the course of the video:


I am interested in sad but vibey songs recently.
A few suggestions: