What are you listening to?



Kind of sad:

What I’m listening to:





Foreigner from 1984 album.


BTS - 다이너마이트 !!! Dynamite!

I like watching the guy’s dance practice…

Oh! and Suga’s 대취타 - (daewitcha)- This is a cinematographic masterpiece.


What a coincidence!
Yesterday I listened to


@lutra When this first released I watched it over and over again.
Even found the video of how the special effects were created, here:



I am not following new videos all that much and YT still doesn’t know what to suggest me because of the various music types I like.

These days I follow our regional radio station as they let the people vote for their most favorite songs. 10 songs - voting system 10 points for your most favorite one down to 1 point for the last one you wished for - now they are playing for days 1000 songs and it’s such a refreshing mix. They do this every year normally they do this in a “transparent/glass” studio travelling to a different town, but this year because of you know what - they stay in their regular studio with webcams so people can watch them that way.

About the video, one of the first I saw using this was probably Peter Gabriel but some 20 years ago, but the technic was not as refined as now.

Yesterday on place 215, guess who? Coldplay with fix you

on 210 it is this one

205 has another Coldplay song Viva la Vida, so I chose 206 a German song, sung by a former singer and actress, with two lead singers of famous bands from her hometown Cologne. It is about that when you pass away that you are not fully gone, there will be things that remain with the people next to you.

I like that mixture one is Pop, Rock, Metal, Schlager, Movie Soundtrack, Classic, it’s a nice mix.


So what do they suggest?

That reminds me of 2 different Dutch radio events:


Almost the same like Top 2000 - it’s called Top 1000.

Wait I will just open it and put them here

Top 10 - first music suggestions for me at YT

It should be 10 songs - anyway …

That’s why I do not like these so-called suggestions - I would rather than same stuff I looked up weeks ago, or almost the same, some random selection would be more welcomed, oh and if I could get rid of games add with tanks and stuff, or violent trailers for certain streaming portals, I would be thankful, and those always repeating language and grammar apps, … it’s annoying.


You can click on the i in the add and then choose “don’t display this add anymore”.


Thanks for the info, but I wonder what will come next LOL


Then do the same for the next one, hahaha! :rofl:


So just click the circled i and all your problems will be over … :stuck_out_tongue:


you know while waiting for an add, it seems like forever to get one, haha, when you don’t want one, that’s when they always surface.


Haha, yes. :joy: But at least that means you’re free of adds for now. Enjoy it while you can! :wink:


Finally an add but it doesn’t work for me it only tells me the reason why this add was chosen, so I guess I will be back at skip add …


That’s strange. At the end of the pop-up with the reasons there should be the option “Don’t show this add again”. And when you click on it, you can choose between 3 different reasons why you don’t want to see it again.



Has to open 15 videos to finally get an add at the start, if you need one …
Maybe it’s different for Germany I don’t know

Sorry I didn’t cut it smaller I always only have some minutes to read and answer so time saving where ever possible.