What are you listening to?


Oh, that’s weird! :open_mouth:
Maybe moving to The Netherlands is your only option then! :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

Or maybe it changes if you opt out of personalized ads … :thinking:


I don’t use it.

LOL Maybe I should take up “niederländisch”, when it’s time for me to retire I should go to the Netherlands.


Good idea! Then I can be your private teacher! :wink:




I just encountered this song while listening to the radio, in fact it’s a song that was used in my French class in school some 35 years ago. I am amazed that I still understand it and even know some lines.
Well it’s not that I haven’t heard this song in all the years.

En rouge et noir - literally translated into In Red and Black - refers to her “emotional colors” of anger and grief.


I remember this one from French class:


Haha, I was a toddler, when this one came out. But I had French even in my first years of school and only my school in our town had this because we for one are not that far from France and while we had French, others with writing disability had a special class at that time.
My first song in French class at age 6 was this one, we had a young woman as teacher, and she brought her guitar and played, and we sang.

while searching I found this version


I wasn’t even born yet! :rofl: So I guess it says more about my teacher’s age than about mine. :wink:

La ballade des gens heureux came out in my birth year, but I do know it, cause my sister learned it in her French class.

We didn’t learn any French before highschool (though as the youngest I picked up a little from my sister). At elementary school we had nothing more than English, only in the last year and my then teacher even neglected that, cause he thought it was nonsense to learn English and it would have been better if we’d learn French. Yet French was not offered at our elementary school and, because of that teacher’s attitude, English only poorly. :roll_eyes:

Btw, my mom’s favourite singer was also French (though she also sang in other languages, including German):


Many girls including me had developed a trauma regarding their haircut, because parents loved that neat look. You can see it in this video, haha not me, but Mireille Mathieu, you can’t imagine how many girls looked like her.


I fully agree with you about the trauma


I watched a clip with an American singer lip syncing in Korean LOL That’s a first for me!


I just saw this. I like the mix they’ve got going on :smile:

Not part of the Army fanbase, but their performances are pretty entertaining to watch :smile:





Most kpop bands’ performances are extremely entertaining to watch…for the first time in my life I watched an entire concert(of EXO) from start to end without getting bored at all! I guess it’s because of the lights, the backgrounds, the choreographies, the vocals, and the range of music genres they cover in one two-hour concert…I was blown away :exploding_head::heart_eyes: All these boy groups’ members are really energetic and put their everything into the performance. I really admire the hard work they put into it-- it’s NOT easy to sing and dance at the same time! And the audience–I LOVEEE the light oceans!! These are all from that one concert in Tokyo Dome, Japan

the light ocean in this one was iconic: