What are you listening to?




This is the OST for the new K-drama Cheat On Me, If You Can. Love both the drama and the OST.


My current jam. I absolutely love the choreography, it’s so fun to watch.
There are captions in English for non-Korean speakers :).



This SMTOWN collab was a beautiful start to 2021!


Yea several of these are several years old but they are all new to me. because I used to live out in the middle of nowhere with SLOW internet. I could not stream anything out there on the rez. I moved to town after my hubby passed and I can now STREAM! It’s really funny because I am a computer tech by trade and worked at a university here but of course I could not ‘play’ at work. :roll_eyes: Go Figure! :grin: But now I can watch whatever I want to watch.:sunglasses:

These are some of my favorites. These MVs make me jealous. I remember when I used to have knees that worked. I LOVED to dance. :sunglasses:

And YES! I was ALIVE and DANCING during these days. Saturday Night Fever - early 70’s. And yes, the guys DID dress like that back then. But this was New York and we were California. Mom called us Pachucas lol (Pachucas went out of style in the 40’s :laughing:) But, yea, she was right. We were 1970’s version of pachucas. :grin: :smirk: Info about Pachucos -

Saturday Night Fever

Of course DYNAMITE - BTS I’m dancing to this even though my knees don’t like it. :smirk: :sunglasses:

Stray Kids

J-Hope and Becky G - Chicken Noodle Soup! This one is HOME! I mean really, HOME. Makes me homesick. The brick factories, railroads, overpass, skyline, the dancers, everything except the high-voltage power lines were in my old neighborhood. This is so typical of my old neighborhood when I was a kid - Down to the muscle cars, low-riders, and those big-wheeled cars - except they were only toys back in the 70’s :rofl: Except this was shot in LA and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. Oh man! they are STILL doing that chicken dance! It has been around for maybe 40 - 50 years now?

Luis Fonsi - Mas Fuerte Que Yo

# Agust D 대취타
Normally I do NOT like RAP but this is EXCELLENT! It combines Rap with traditional Korean musical instruments. Suga is really a musical genius and this MV is a masterpiece. It cracks me up that the guy sitting on the hood of the car is tapping a scroll of PD Bang on his neck.

In my old neighborhood those would have been nunchaku. :rofl:

Vixx Shangri-la - It’s so pretty to watch.

Henry - Trap

Aya Mamamoo

Mas De la Luna - Piso21, Maluma

Sugal - Giver Costibolo

CNCO - Mis lloran Por Ti


J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, Tainy - UN DÍA ONE DAY

Hawai - Maluma

Key - One of those nights

Taemin - Criminal

So many and not enough space!


Oh no! Don’t tell me that 2020 just started all over again! :open_mouth:


What can I say. I am a SUCKER for Italian opera and a good voice Onew’s Nessum Dorma is so beautiful!

Put your headphones on full, kick back and blast your ears out! :sunglasses:

If I was in my 20’s I’d have to marry Onew just so my kids would have a great singing voice. :smirk: :rofl:


And would that be the case if they inherited their mom’s voice? :stuck_out_tongue:


My voice is pretty good. :sunglasses: What’s funny is that both me and my son’s father have good voices but my son’s idea of good music is anything head banger and ‘Fish Heads’ which he would sing to me all the time! . He DID NOT inherit my taste in music. :roll_eyes: :smirk: :scream:

My son has a good baritone voice but he’s a headbanger, not a singer.

lol I watched that at the end of 2020 too!


Maybe he’ll grow out of it when he gets older … :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, we’d better warn him! :joy:

Actually, he already had that problem back in the 20th century:


Uh. Probably not. He’s 40 now. :roll_eyes: :rofl: Damn! I’m getting old! :scream: Yea, that’s why I think of all these idols as if they were extra kids/friends my son brought home for the weekend. I had a lot of ‘extra sons’ when My kid was a teenager and those kids are still friends with my son.

@ mirjam So things to look forward to at concerts? Gackt’s pants will be undone along with Jimin’s shoulder and belly being exposed… Check. :sunglasses: :grin:

(Can we say that Jimin is an exhibitionist? :laughing:) How times change! When I was a teenager the guys would NEVER do that! :scream: At most you’d get a few undone buttons on a shirt and some gold chains.

Oh! The guys have got some Smooth MOVES! Jimin and V goofing off. Hell Yea, I’d dance with those guys if they were around back in my dancing days. :sunglasses: (In the days before my knees went a.w.o.l)


There’s still hope. I was 41 when I first started listening to K-pop. :rofl:

Very loud friends then, in your son’s case, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! :slight_smile:


Loud! YES! But I encouraged him to bring his friends over and hang out. I always knew where my son was, who he was with and what he was up to.

He was a good kid (even though his taste in music SUCKS! :rofl:) But then again, His mom was a dancing fool who listened to Motown and Latin music growing up. My son DID NOT inherit any dancing genes. :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :scream:


Very wise!

Maybe if you had pretended to be into head banging, your son would have grown up to dislike it. :joy:


ahh… um… NOPE! You can’t dance to it. All you can do is stand up and kinda gyrate and bang your head around! :roll_eyes: :rofl: That would give me a headache!

Oh! My son used to have long hair and one time he wanted to go to a mosh pit with his buddies and had me braid up his hair in a bunch of little braids and put beads on the ends. I asked him, “Are you sure about this?” He said, “Yea! It’s kewl!” So I braided up his hair as requested, told him, “NO drugs or I’ll beat the crap outta you. And DON’T break your glasses!” and sent him off. He came back bruised but happy. Those beaded hair ends swirled around and whacked HIM in the face. :smirk: :grin:

My son, the headbanger. disguised as a high school graduate… :roll_eyes: :laughing: sans beads. :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Did it look good on him, though?

So far at least not on the recorded concerts, hahaha, but still some skin has been uncovered here and there:


What kind of hairstyle does he have by now?


That Gackt tour is FUNNY!

My son cut his hair when his gramma passed and never grew it out again. Here’s one of my favorite pics of him and granddaughter being monsters.

Son and extra son Stiggly at some gaming convention.

Of course, stuffing their faces with pizza and my son always making stupid faces. :roll_eyes: :laughing: