What are you listening to?


Happily singing together in the car:

Your son looks very scary! :rofl:


:joy::joy:remember EXO’s iconic curtain incident in Macau?? the curtain tore during the on-stage changing performance and WW3 almost broke out :rofl: so many thing were happening in that one scene, and Baekhyun’s efforts to distract the crowd were downright hilarious
starts at around 1:00

starts at around 00:58


That is HILARIOUS! I never saw that before. I bet several fans died right there and went to heaven. :joy:

That’s what those guys get for teasing their fans with that peek-a-boo shadow show! :rofl: Prop FAIL! :scream: :rofl:

I like this song,. the vocals are all over the place. Fun to sing. :grin:


:sob::sob:imagine actually witnessing that!

Yes!! Monster, Forever, Growl, Groove and Butterfly Effect have a really interesting blend of vocals and raps… I love their range and flexibility!
Chanyeol’s laugh in Groove totally gets me every time (around 2:00)

and Forever’s ‘yo nice skirt will forever live on’ :joy:


So one of my favorite J-rock bands, Tears of Tragedy, released the “Statice” album in December of 2016, then a few months later released a single, “Astrea,” under their own label, and then they just dropped off of the face of the Earth. I thought they’d broken up because of Japan’s fickle record industry - which happens way, way too often, even to excellent bands (like Light Bringer and the ShakaLabbits.)

Then one day in September of 2020, I get one of my usual “New releases” emails from CD Japan, where I get most of my discs (downloads and “the cloud” are evil,) and…

Haruka and the boys are releasing a new album on November 25! :heart_eyes::open_mouth::partying_face:

So I pre-order with next-day shipping, and with the International Date Line, that means that it shows up on my doorstep on the same day as release - sugoi! (Time travel rules.)

Anyhow, the disc is flawless from start to finish, their most cohesive album to date, and though it has some heavy pathos in spots (living up to the band name,) ultimately every song becomes uplifting - determination and triumph in brilliant melodic power.

'No idea what the strange title “Nonsite” is all about, but it’s a spectacular album-opener:


Sounds good to me, if only I knew Japanese, haha.
Maybe Nonsite - comes from non-site, so a place that doesn’t exist …?



I laughed way too hard at that :rofl:


I listen to the sound and if I don’t understand all the lyrics, I just look them up.


Can I conclude from this that you do understand MOST of the lyrics? :open_mouth::star_struck:


It could be anything. Knowing the lyrics would clarify it, but though I’m studying Nihongo and can understand words and phrases here and there, I’m nowhere near the point where I can understand songs on-the-fly. They have a lot of weird titles though - “Void Act” (the spectacular album opener from the “Statice” disc,) “Innocent Gram,” “Be Inconsistent,” etc., so I just take it in stride.


No, Not really. I am not that good. My problem is that when I run out of vocabulary in one language I switch languages mid-sentence and depending on which language I am thinking in, my English grammar can be whacked. :scream: :smirk: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Me? I am not afraid of language challenges. I’m no good at them but I don’t mind looking foolish. My main goal as a child was to learn all the he/she/they/us etc. and all the cuss words so when people were talking smack, I knew WHO they were talking about. :sunglasses:

Spanish is about 60% But I speak California Spanglish. Not Cath-theee-leee-un :roll_eyes: The teachers would give SPANISH AS A FIRST language kids only a C because we didn’t speak SPAIN-Spanish.

Korean about 35% I’ve been studying for a year now and listen to Korean so much in songs and dramas that I am surprised by how much I understand. But I only understand broadly what people are talking about. I don’t understand nuances yet. I decided to learn Korean because I was frustrated by missing subtitles. :laughing: Yea, Here I am learning Korean and comparing it to Irish Gaelic structures because English does not have some of the constructions that Korean has. :grin:
Tá fios agam sin airgiod gulore aghaibhe.
is knowledge on me that silver, plenty at you. (I know that you have a lot of of silver.)
so Agam - ONme - Something that is a part of oneself - inseparable. knowledge, arms, legs, etc. soul,
agat - something that is AT you - something that can be separated from a person - clothing - money, possessions.
English doesn’t have single words to express those values.

Tagalog about 30% to 50% Neighborhood mishmash of Tagalog, Spanish and English. lol

Japanese only about 2% - 5%. It’s been awhile since I watched Kurosawa flicks.

I look up the song on YouTube and look at the ‘genius’ lyrics translations. (I let somebody else do the hard work. ) or - “I, somebody else, the hard work doing, let.” :sunglasses:
나는 다른 사람이 열심히 일을 할 수 있습니다 - I want others to work hard :laughing: :rofl:


It’s really hard for me to pick a few songs…I could go on for hours. In my life I do nothing but listen to music of various genres and in different languages.:crescent_moon:


Just do! I wouldn’t mind. :slight_smile:

Or just give us a few examples …


It also reminds me of Finnish and Latin.

Finnish = Minulla on (litterally: on me is …) = I have

Korean and Japanese also have a similar way of counting:
I eat 3 apples = I apple 3 ones eat.

Btw, where did you learn Irish? :slight_smile:


The Starry Plough - (Irish Pub - grass roots) in Berkeley and also at Idaho State University (formal classes)


This was in my recommends :laughing::

I don’t watch knowing bros / men on a mission, but I know they do this song competition every year (?).


Uff it’s difficult. For example I listen to Jorja Smith, Tracy Chapman, Nikke Ankara, Alejandro Sanz, Amr Diab, Enya, Forrest, Måneskin, The 1975, Levante, Mahmood, Lauren Aquilina, Pierce the Veil, Adele, Rosalia, Bruno Mars, Eve, Yoh Kamiyama, 21 Pilots, Paul Anka, Tina Turner, Etta James, Marshmello, Tartalo Music, Antti Martikainen, Stevie Wonder, J Cole, Mac Miller, PVRIS, Sleeping With Sirens, Lauv, Doja Cat, Khalid, Paramore, 2pac, Gipsy Kings, The Four Seasons, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Michael Bublé, Oasis, Queen, Grover Washington Jr, Bill Evans, Michael Jackson, Billie Eilish, The Neighbourhood, Chase Atlantic, Coldplay, Post malone, Vava, BTS (I’m an army), Day6, Dean, Pentagon, iKON, Enhypen, Exo, Shinee, Sunmi, Hyukoh, Zico, BtoB, Got7, Infinite, MonstaX, Blackpink, NCT, Epik high, Seventeen, TXT, VIXX, IU, Chung Ha, etc. etc. etc.

These days I’m putting on replay these songs:
Song cry - August Alsina
Seoul - RM
Blue & Grey - BTS
Just The Two Of Us - Grover Washington Jr. (235) Grover Washington Jr. - Just The Two of Us [HQ] - YouTube


Great taste with lots of variety. :slight_smile:
I also listen to various genres and various languages. Though these days lots of Japanese.


Thank you. :sunflower: Oh would you recommend any Japanese group or songwriter? I’m curious.