What are you listening to?


Ah! I found this delightful Ateez Mukbang! led by Sanchelin chef. (Michelin chef = San from Ateez) :sunglasses:

That food looks so GOOD! I looks like it is a Korean version of menudo. :grin: oh! Duh! (she finally reads the hangul) It IS Korean menudo! - 곱창

Ateez(에이티즈) 산이미식회 #3 - '곱창전골’편

There is no singing but his Satoori accent is delightful! and that foooooood looks so danged good! I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow and make some menudo - with gochujang. :sunglasses:


From the movie The Last Quarter (下弦の月 ), with Hyde as Adam. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



쏟ㄴㄷ ㅅ재 ㅁㄱㄷ ㅔ개ㅠㅁ뉴ㅣㅛ ㅡㅛ ㅡㅐㄴㅅ ㄻ패걋ㄷ 려냐ㅐㅜ…

Oh garbage! Forgot to change to English keyboard. :rofl: Let’s try this again!.

These TWO MVs are probably my most favorite examples of excellent Korean ‘Rap Hip-Hop Fusion’ music out there.

대취타 - Daechwita

한량 - HanRyang

I love that little Lion Dog critter’s giggle. :sunglasses:

and they both have scrolls! :joy:

대취타 - PD Bang or Bang Si-hyuk, The CEO of Big Hit Entertainment.

한량 - The comedian Soogeun who mostly appears on Knowing Bros.

Hey! I’ve watched and danced to 한량 I don’t know how many times already and also seen this same scene so many times but it suddenly hit me. HeeChul - That fan! You can see very similar style fans at pow-wows and if it was eagle feathers, they’d be for prayers.

So, the question I have is, is this a modern borrowing or did Koreans use those types of fans historically?

hmmm. You know what else. a lot of Korean people could blend right in at a pow-wow and people would try to place them and wonder which tribe they were from… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Funny thing is they still have clans.


Yes, patrilineal clans. It’s who you are descended from.

Actually quite a few US tribes have clans. All of the Pueblo tribes: Zuni, Hopi, etc. The Dene (Navajo) Apache, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk, Tuscarora, Cherokee, and many other tribes are matrilineal and have clans. Other tribes are patrilineal and also have clans.


This just dropped! Stray Kids - 막내온탑 - Maknae (youngest) on top

I can dance to this one even though my knees say, ‘nope!’
Yea, these guys can move right into my old neighborhood with this song. :sunglasses:



Zero o’clock - BTS Tiny Tan

BTS - Fly to my Room MV

Stray Kids - Ex

E’last - Dangerous


Right now! 2PM, Junho mini albums, Jun.K mini album, Bii - Taiwanese album Be Better
Marcus Chang - Taiwanese singer. GOT7, Big Bang, Infinite, ZE:A, ASTRO, EXO


I have a really complicated playlist. Almost I listen every genre. :smiley: Here are some suggestions:

Hope you’ll enjoy too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think we all have that kind of problem. Haha!

No real problem it’s just music.


Not music but fun to watch if you like ATEEZ.

Ok ATEEZ - Seonghwa silliness Seongwha versus Seonghwa. a MARS ASMR

and San doing a Mukbang -


Epik high’s new album