What are you listening to?


This just dropped today.

LeeHi and Henry - For You

Henry is doing a carpool karaoke with Lee Hi

Ateez - SeongHwa - Lauv - The Story Never Ends -
Get your SeongHwa fix here! :laughing:


Marcus Chang!


Nice song. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s from Lost Romance!!! Excellent T-drama and he’s goregous!


Listening to Henry in the car today


I like that one too!


Jun.K 2PM I love the R&B Jazz Vibe of this album 20 min


I am listening to a big mix again

A random question I came across a singer I know from the 80’s and 90’s and while watching him in another video I suddenly thought … Doesn’t he and Lee Jong Seok look a like at least just a little?
I didn’t choose my favorite song of him, but a video that had many close-ups and was in color. What do you think?


Oooo Nice! It’s so short though!

Oh I found the spotify link… Thanks!

He has some very nice voice transitions. Good notes. :heart_eyes:


:purple_heart:Junho2PM - He brought me to Kpop! My favorite
This Canvas Album is also in my car! It’s awesome!


This Lee Jong Seok?


Yes. Maybe it’s only about the lips or how he looked in W …


I liked W. I thought it was fun. I like SciFi shows.





:rofl: :roll_eyes: :laughing: :rofl:

At first I was wondering, Did they ALL get in a wreck and break their leg like Jongho from Ateez? :scream: Is that why they are all sitting? :scream: Then they finally got up to dance. :laughing: :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :rofl: (I wonder how my mind thinks sometimes,)


Yea. That one is was too weird for me. It was interesting at first until that guy starting singing in that weird devil voice. (It kind of scares me or puts me on my guard) I like beautiful voices.

I’ve never liked hard rock though. I’ve always preferred Latin, R & B, Jazz and Mowtown. I like a lot of Kpop but not all KPOP.

Me, this R & B/Mowtown/Latin music girl, moved to Idaho-potato-land because my dearest hubby was from here. And he and all his friends and relatives are headbangers. :scream: :roll_eyes: and the rest of the people here are country music lovers. So, I have been adrift in a land where nothing much gets played on the local radio that I would listen to. The Mexican restaurants here all play umpa loompa tuba music. yea. It’s ok. but not my favorite.

No CHA CHA , MERENGUE, No RUMBA! NO SALSA! Just Mexican style music. :scream:

This is the kind of music our parents subjected us to. :smile:

Now this is more like it! dancing music!

:scream: My poor knees can’t merengue anymore!


I love it when a guy dances with a chair! They have another video where they do that. I saw the great Mikhail Baryshnikov dance with a chair and it was AWESOME. I love A.D.T.O.Y!:purple_heart: I consider 2PM to be KPop, R&B, Jazz, Rock


LOL How about a piano and a few chairs on top?


I love this! Love watching him dance! And sing!:purple_heart: 2PM Junho