What are you listening to?


At the moment my second-favorite song from the new album from Muvidat (a.k.a. ShakaLabbits reborn,) which is “Bathtub Ship”:

Uki’s sense of vocal melody is unreal.



@mirjam_465 Haha, just what I needed.


This one is :droplet::droplet::droplet:


something different, lol


Her frankness and open-mindedness make Jessi the antithesis to the uptightness and restrictiveness of the Korean society, from which girls like Sulli couldn’t escape.
Anyway, enough with the social remarks. Enjoy your week, everyone. And make sure to listen to X :notes: :heartbeat:


J’adore ce groupe ^^


New MV out today.

SHINEE - Atlantis Underwater.

Onew has such a distinctive voice. :slightly_smiling_face:


New today!

Antidote by Daniel Kang

Side by Side - The 8

Coffee by Kyuhyun

Shinee Atlantis


@porkypine90_261 - Yessssss!


Have I ever mentioned how great I think this song is?
I love the kids, the incredible band, the jury, just everything about it:


I just got to listen to this song, and it reminded me of the sentence often used in K-dramas “shooting lasers with sb. eyes”



that was so cool, it’s a German Voice or something…


KC &… was such a great band I have another song for you, the score is so great!

some other nice “oldies”


I agree and my fav backstreet boys!!!


Jammin over here!


The Voice Kids (Germany), 2021, die Battles
Die Band sollte wie immer die von Lillo Scrimali sein (oder begleitet der nur die Erwachsenen? - not sure). Die Coaches dürften bekannt sein (Stefanie von Silbermond, Wincent Weiß, Alvaro Soler, Michi und Smudo von den Fanta4).


the good old times :wink:

oh memories :blush:

and this makes me moving!


Hola a todxs💜
Ya vieron el MV de ASTRO ‘ONE’ está super increíble​:heart_eyes::fire:
Son 6 chicos super talentosos👏🏻
Espero que lo disfruten tanto como yo.
Así que aquí les dejo el link para que vayan a verlo: