What are you listening to?


Well then. This one will wake you up then…

Ateez is the show champion and Seonghwa is the Ending Fairy today. At least that’s what this sticker says. He wants to be the Atiny firefighter. (After they set the stage on fire in the first place.) :rofl:






He starts singing around :48

Gemini - Know me.

Ooo! This came up on Spotify recommends. It has such a pretty, plaintive melody. by Omoinotake - Don’t know the title. I can’t read Japanese.

SIM2 Maguro - ‘Time’


Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Mirae before, that’s a really good song. :heart:


I always loved WayV but after their comeback with Kick back I fell in that fandom again so I’m currently only listening to their new and older comebacks :sweat_smile::laughing::heart_eyes:


I absolutely love this one.

Or maybe the Korean version of the song, although I think I like the Chinese a little better.

I love the part where Lucas does the ‘Stop, rewind, turn back time’


Oh yes that part is iconic. As well as Yang Yangs part in Action Figure "honey, honey, honey lit the fire " :heart_eyes:



Allesso, CORSAK & Stray Kids ’ Going Dumb.’


Amazing I know all the words!


I can’t say that with this song. :joy:


You can understand this one if you speak English!

Gemini - Know me.


Oh! This just came up on Spotify !

Wonho Livestream Concert!

The ads are for Korean time zone so watch your days and times peeps!

Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 10 PM U.S. Mountain Time


Oh! Jackson! Poor guy! Your fantasy wife left you for another man!

I love the opening scene. The regulars have mahjong game going, just like my childhood neighborhood! Every neighborhood party had a mahjong game going on somewhere in the house! PONG! lol

New! Mar 25, 2021 LMLY - Leave Me Loving You

Ah… BTS is cookin’ up something - Premiere ‘Film Out’ April 2, 2021 :smiley:







Missing Wonho in MonstaX
Beautiful Song