What are you listening to?


I have seen a few months ago, or even longer, the film “double world”


Just when I saw this post, my Spotify played TXT - I know I love you
…so here you are :grin:


Right now I’m listening to Måneskin - Coraline .

It’s a song that left me speechless and feeling a lot of emotions.





Lately, I have this song in my mind, repeting over and over again!!


This is a nice ballad from Madonna, she made actually some good songs…

and this one cute and funny performance I wished to have seen live :star_struck:


RIGHT we both posted that song!!!


I just love his voice!!!



It’s hot at my place - so I needed something refreshing


today, hooked to :point_down::point_down::point_down:



Swan Lake


OMG! I just LOVE Stray Kids!@ Lookie this! Just dropped a few hours ago! Hilarious! (And it’s not even Halloween!)

오늘 밤 나는 불을 켜 - Tonight I turn on the lights.’

lol. Now I have to make sure I tuck my tootsies in under the blanket EVEN THOUGH IT’s JULY! :rofl:


That’s AWESOME!!!


2PM has a bunch of trailers for a drop due June 28.

Must - 2PM Trailers

And just because it’s so darn funny…

우리집으러 가자

(The wolves say, "It’s alright. Let’s go to my house.)

She better run! They are on the hunt! lol


Of course I purchased both the A series and the B series albums - Light and Dark!!! I have been seeing all their drops - JYP and the boys are working so hard on their COMEBACK!!! It’s BIG

JUNHO have mercy


LOL should we vote for a “do it one more time badge”?
P.S. - Oh, would go for a little shower as well … Tomorrow hopefully the last hot day in a row.


OOOPS my STRONG TEXT - GOT messed up

I find watches super sexy and there he has on that gorgeous watch - if he had taken it off!!! OH BOY