What are you listening to?



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Oh kdramagirl!! I found this latest 2PM teaser! Hilarious!


Yep! I get notifications when they drop something! They have been dropping so much it is hard to keep up! Watched them LIVE for an hour or so this morning! I love these teaser videos!

My Favorite!


Did you see this one? Samples of all the songs on their new album.


Actually I have seen ALL the videos! I follow them and tweet and Instagram and FB but they are posting even more than videos! Their COMEBACK is VERY WELL DONE!


Can’t wait to get both my albums the light and the dark



Al Jarreau RIP, a nice Jazzy voice (checkout the spandex era :rofl:)

and this was quite a hit! What a beautiful woman :heart_eyes:


He came so often to Germany for concerts and I never made it. Sigh!

Sade, even my mom loves her.



Thank you! I haven’t heard Al Jarreau in ages!


Hey ah Hey 2PM MV

:rofl: Jackson Wang is hilarious!


Today, a melody crawled out of my memory and all I recalled was:

Where do we go from here?

And with that I found Alan Parsons Projects - Games People Play

I guess for today, I am stuck with this song.


you make me go to “Eye in the sky” hahaha


Then we will give it some more, I bet for most people now in their 20s and younger might not know if someone hasn’t introduced them to their music. They were big but aren’t played in the radio stations that much, at least in my corner of the world.



Thanks!!! This will be my company today during my working hours!!


I listen to these a lot these days:


YT finally is getting its algorithm working for me

  • guitars
  • heavy
  • dramatic


Today I need something to push me through the day.


Reminiscing past times when music was great and we were more free :dancer::sunglasses: