What are your 2021 NEW YEAR's resolution?

My New Year’s resolution for 2021 is not to let people take advantage of my good heart anymore.

Learn to forget once I decide to forgive others. You really didn’t forgive if you keep remembering what was done to you.

Make sure I travel once it’s safe to do so. Kept postponing trips and have so much regrets now.


for you, l;earn to say no!!

as for me, clean up my genealogy lines, they are messed up

do the crocheting, got so much yarn, yeah I know I can give it away, but rather make something and give it to someone
same goes for the material

gardening, want to start doing and learning more about winter, hydroponics and whateverelse

meet new people, make a new friend, “get out more” well if possibel make a friend, someone said this many years ago, and really can’t do it at this time, but greet 20 people, just say hi, so we do it on the computer??
be kind
pass it forward more
give more
help someone in need
thjats just a start

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Honestly, my university is disrupting all the peace I’ve ever had in my life. My resolution is to go back to my old self (not to the one I became in 2020).
Because of all the sudden exams in Nov and Dec and these unannounced finals being rescheduled from March to January, my sleep schedule became hell. I sleep at 5 am daily and get up for class just a minute before, sometimes even missing my first lecture.

My only priority is to become a normal human this year.

I hope everyone here gets victory over their problems and keep following their resolution :crossed_fingers:


for you, l;earn to say no!!

Thank you! I’m finally learning to do that although is hard for me bc all my life I could never said no, when someone ask me for favors but when i needed help that no came out of their mouth before I finished my sentence. I learned the hard way.

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You already got your victory when you didn’t give up on your studies, no matter how hard it was for you. This year; ‘‘you will reap the fruits of your hard labor.’’

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been there done that, believe me when you make that decision, you got it! with Gods help I did!!! I could never say no

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Mine is to work harder, less procrastination!!

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You need to work really hard on getting rid of the procrastination bad habit. There are self help books on that. I believe the book that can help you, is this one bc it covers procrastinating must be eliminated. I bought a cheap one for 6.99 that covers the same thing. It helped my now ex that was the award winning procrastinator and it really changed his life for the better.

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